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proposal flowers

The Best Flowers to Incorporate into Your Romantic Proposal

There are some things you only get one shot at. A proposal is one of them. Naturally, you want to make it as smooth, memorable, and romantic as possible. One simple and effective way to do so is with flowers. But of the thousands of flowers in the world, how do you choose the best? If you’re not sure what to get, here’s a guide to the most romantic flowers.


Tulips are colorful, fragrant, and fun. They come in s rainbow of colors, including purple, white, pink, and yellow. You can buy pre-cut tulips or plant your own for an even more personal effect. Tulip bulbs, which also symbolize spring, bloom for approximately three days to a week when planted. If you choose tulips, keep in mind that the color red symbolizes love, while the color white is used for an apology.


With its delightful scent and beautiful purple hues, lilac is another excellent option for a romantic flower. Violet is the most common shade of lilac, and it’s also one of the most meaningful in a romantic situation, as it symbolizes eternal love. Magenta symbolizes strong and everlasting love.


Roses are associated with love and romance. Roses also come in many colors, but deep red shows everlasting love. Valentine’s Day is the most common time to hand out roses to a loved one. However, roses are not seasonal, unlike some flowers, which means that they are great for showing your love any time of year. A bouquet of roses, which you can get from a Henderson florist, makes for a perfect proposal any time of year.


Orchids are among the most exotic and delicate flowers you’ll find at a florist. They symbolize hope, love, and good luck. They’ve been a popular choice for showing affection and appreciation since the 1800s, and they are still popular for that purpose today. A neat fact about orchids is that they can bloom, fade, and bloom again with quality care.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies represent innocence, happiness, and love. Worldwide, daisies are the fifth most popular choice of flower for showing love and for saying “I love you” without words. Gerbera daisies come in many colors too, including beautiful hues of purple and pink.


A Henderson florist will tell you that few people are aware that sunflowers make a great addition to a romantic bouquet. But adding just a sunflower or two is a great way to brighten up a bouquet. If you’re planning to put together a floral arrangement with multiple flower varieties, sunflowers are a great option.

With so many romantic flowers available for creating a perfect bouquet, there are infinite options for creating a stunning and meaningful floral arrangement for your special Day. Keeping factors in mind like your loved one’s personality, favorite flowers, the seasons, and a flower’s meaning, you’ll have no problem putting together a perfect bouquet.

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