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Sympathy Flowers Las Vegas

The arrangement of flowers has a long, storied history, marching proudly into today’s many uses of the flower both for decoration and decorum.  From the time of the Ancient Egyptians entombing their mummified dead, sympathy flowers have been used to celebrate and honor those who have passed away.  Delicate arrangements in stately vases have been …Continue Reading »


Best Wedding Florist Las Vegas

Promises, dreams, and hopes can all be represented at your wedding with the beauty of flowers.  You’re wedding is one of the most special occasions in your life and every detail is important and should be perfect.  Your options will be endless when you hire a Las Vegas wedding florist. Everyone is going to be …Continue Reading »


Best Las Vegas Florist


Although you may have never heard daffodils talk or roses speaking, flowers are definitely communicating.  Flowers are the ultimate way to convey every type of message you can think of.  They smell great, are beautiful, fresh, and have limitless variability which is what makes them so adaptable to your specific occasion.  …Continue Reading »


Las Vegas Florist You Can Trust

Flowers of the Field is the Las Vegas florist to go to for your wedding shower and other bridal needs.

What makes us say this?  Well, our wedding flowers Las Vegas are inexpensive, yet some of the most beautiful works of art you will have ever seen because at Flowers of the …Continue Reading »


Roses Say I Love You. Carnations Say?

Roses say, “I love you,” white carnations symbolize innocence and pure love, and irises show how much you value a friendship.  Every flower has its meaning, and there are hundreds more that could be discussed.  But, either way, it all comes down to the same thing.  We send flowers to our loved ones …Continue Reading »


Your Las Vegas Bridal Bouquet Experts

Don’t look any further, Las Vegas, for your floral needs!  Flowers of the Field is here to take your floral world by storm.  Providing our customers with the best floral arrangements for (literally) any occasion, our Las Vegas flower shop exists as a one-stop shop for all your floral needs.  From basic, to …Continue Reading »


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