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Liven up your Space with Succulents

Succulents bring so much life to your home and office spaces, which is only one of the reasons why they’re the perfect gift and addition to any home! Succulents add character and that hint of greenery into your home when you feel like something is missing. Visit you Las Vegas Florist, Flowers of the Field in Las Vegas and ask us about our succulent options.

Here are a few reasons you should consider succulents for your office space or home:

Help you breathe

Yes, succulents can help you breathe. Plants naturally turn our carbon dioxide into oxygen, which makes the space more livable. In an office environment, workers can feel the livening effects of plants. And in the home, certain plants can help us relax and sleep easier.

It’s important to note that not all plants continue to produce oxygen during the night. Succulents, however, produce oxygen all the time, so they are a perfect choice for any environment.

Clean the air and prevent illness

NASA researchers have demonstrated that indoor plants work to remove toxins from the space in trace amounts. One chemical, formaldehyde, is found is found in items like rugs, cigarette smoke, grocery bags, and books. Plants naturally clear the air of formaldehyde, though, so they are recommended to be placed all throughout the home and office.

The Agricultural University of Norway found a negative correlation between the number of houseplants an employee could see and the number of sick days they took. Sickness rates across offices even dropped 60% with the presence of plants.

They’re Vibrant

Much like furniture, plants change your entire feel and look of your home. The vibrancy in the green truly livens up your space and can have an effect on your mood just like darker colors can influence your mood to be a little gloomy. The best part about their color is that they develop their true and vibrant green the most during the winter months, unlike most plants. And of course, they bloom in the Spring. They are the perfect year-round plants to keep in your space.

Let you focus

Being around plants actually improves people’s memory and attention. Texas A&M found that “Work performed under the natural influence of ornamental plants is normally of higher quality and completed with a much higher accuracy rate than work done in environments devoid of nature.”

This proves that the environment we inhabit when we work has a profound effect on the quality of our work. Succulents are a perfect option because they make the space more inhabitable and will help you keep your focus. This makes a great gift for anyone for any occasion.

Easy to care for

Some plants constantly require grooming and watering. Succulents don’t require as much attention, yet their effects are just as great. They are low maintenance and that may be the deciding point for many! It’s best to keep succulents near as much natural light as possible. This will also encourage natural light to enter the entire home or workspace. Natural light keeps the space feeling open and lively, just like the succulents.

Succulents thrive on what’s called the “soak and dry” method of watering. It is best to water your succulent with more water than most plants once every few days. Watering them every day is not beneficial to the succulent, so they are naturally easier to take care of than other plants. Plus, letting the soil dry in between watering is helpful to the life of the succulent.

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