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Six Affordable Flowers That Look Like a Million Bucks

There’s no doubt about it. Weddings can be outrageously expensive. That said, there are also great ideas out there about how to make a beautiful wedding affordable as well. Flowers often play a major role in weddings from the bridal bouquet to reception decor. Although selecting rare, out-of-season flowers can ratchet up your florist bill significantly, here are six affordable flowers Las Vegas that will make your special day beautiful and elegant without breaking the bank.

1) Alstroemeria

These flowers are also known as the Peruvian lily. Available in more than 150 colors and patterns, this unusual flower can work in just about any bridal color scheme. Consider white, red, gold, pink, and purple for starters, and then take a closer look at all the unique patterns available for your bouquet, centerpieces and other decorations. They also bloom in late spring and summer, which makes them perfect for wedding season.

2) Baby’s Breath

Although baby’s breath is frequently seen as an accent flower in bridal bouquets and centerpieces, you’ll find more of this flower as the main focus of many wedding floral arrangements. Baby’s breath is inexpensive and using a large arrangement of them is a perfect way to compliment white wedding gowns. They bloom conveniently in summer, the prime wedding season.

3) Carnation

The carnation is another inexpensive flower that is available in just about any color of the rainbow. They have long stems, making them the perfect candidates for vases and other centerpiece displays. Carnations are also hardy, making them able to tolerate the entire wedding day without showing signs of wilting. In fact, they have the longest lasting blooms after being cut, which makes them ideal for corsages and boutonnieres. Although they bloom in late spring, they are available at a reasonable price year-round.

4) Chrysanthemum

If you’re planning a late summer or early autumn wedding, you may consider using chrysanthemums. Known for their pom-pom appearance, these flowers have an exotic feel to them without the hard hit to the wallet. Mums come in many colors, perfect for matching bridesmaids’ dresses. You can also select between florist mums with large blooms or garden varieties with more delicate flowers.

5) Daisy

Although daisies are more common, they can make a lovely, simple spring bouquet for any bride. They are classic and can be used on their own or along with other favorite flowers. Florists can help you find tinted ones to match your colors. Blooming in late spring, they make a perfect choice for wedding flowers.

Affordable Flower Six: Gladiolus

These towering flowers can make eye-catching decorations for any wedding. Since they are large, you can decorate beautifully with fewer of them, bringing down your overall costs.

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