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Best Floral Arrangement Ideas for Bridal Showers

There’s a flower for every occasion, and that certainly holds true for bridal showers. There are many flowers that you can use to create a stunning, fitting, and memorable bridal shower arrangement. Bridal showers symbolize love, happiness, and hope, which are emotions captured by many different flowers. If you’re looking to create dazzling floral centerpieces for the special day, a florist can help you find the perfect flowers for the occasion.

Choosing a Color

 You might already know that individual flowers are associated with different meanings. But did you know that colors are associated with specific meanings, too? Red flowers are typically associated with deep, long-lasting love. Pink flowers are a sign of unconditional love. They also symbolize femininity, which makes them a popular choice for bridal showers. White flowers are a symbol of spirituality, perfection, and purity. To create a standout floral arrangement, you can focus on one type of flower or color scheme, or mix and match for visual appeal and intricate meaning.


 If there’s one flower universally associated with love, it is the rose. Roses are the most commonly used flower in the world for romantic occasions. Although red roses are the most popular, roses come in many other colors, too. If you want to give the bride-to-be something more unique, consider gold roses. Gold symbolizes passion and excitement, which is fitting as the wedding day approaches.


 Carnations belong to the genus “Dianthus,” which translates literally to “flower of the gods.” Given their esteemed ranking throughout history, carnations are certainly a fitting choice for a bridal shower. Their ruffled petals give them a soft, feminine appearance that is appropriate for a bridal party. Like roses, carnations come in different colors. White carnations represent luck and love. Peach-colored carnations symbolize energy and good cheer.


 Of all the flowers in the world, orchids are among the most exotic, beautiful, and coveted. In the context of romance, orchids symbolize beauty, strength, and love. In some cultures, orchids are also a symbol of good luck. Choosing an orchid in a specific color adds a deeper meaning to the flower, too.

Putting the Look Together

 Once you’ve formulated some ideas for standout floral centerpieces, experts have some suggestions for pulling off the look. For starters, it’s a good idea to group flowers based on size. This is especially true if you’re using different kinds of flowers. Be sure to find out about any venue restrictions on flowers, too. And if the bride-to-be has a favorite flower (or is allergic to a flower), keep those considerations in mind as well.

 There is plenty of opportunity for creativity, personality, and originality when designing a floral arrangement for a bridal shower. If you need suggestions or advice, be sure to ask a florist for expert recommendations.

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