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Three Things To Consider When Ordering Flowers For Your Wedding

Preparing for a wedding is exciting. But with so much to think about, it can get stressful, too! There are many details to consider as you’re putting plans together for the big day. One is ordering flowers. However, the process isn’t quite as easy as just selecting your favorite flowers and colors. To get the best kind for the wedding day, you’ll need to provide a florist Las Vegas with some essential information first. By doing some homework and research beforehand, you’ll be much happier with your wedding flowers

Consider the Location 

 Location is one of the most important (but sometimes overlooked) factors to consider when selecting wedding flowers Las Vegas. The venue and setting are essential to keep in mind as you’re putting together a flower arrangement. If the wedding will take place in a large outdoor area like a vineyard, botanical garden, or a park, experts recommend going with a small and simple bouquet. In a natural setting, the goal is to make flowers blend in with the surroundings and not detract from the beauty of the scenery. Knowing your flowers helps, too. Formal, showy flowers like white orchids look more fitting in a formal ballroom, while seasonal wildflowers are great for a wedding outside. Even the table configuration and table shapes are important. 

Get Recommendations 

 Having an idea of the flowers you want to get and your wedding setting is a good start. But asking others for advice and recommendations on flowers and florists can be valuable, too. If you know anyone who has recently been married in the area, ask for personal recommendations for a florist Las Vegas. Otherwise, you can look through wedding magazines and read reviews to get the name of a local florist and see what kinds of flowers others have used for their weddings. Florists can get quite busy, especially in peak wedding season (May-September), so you should start making appointments to meet them at least six months in advance. Ask to see a portfolio and snapshots of the work they’ve done in the past. 

Mind Your Budget 

 A beautiful centerpiece will undoubtedly steal the show at your wedding. But it could drain your budget, too! About 10% of your wedding expenses will go towards flowers and decorations. When you visit a florist to discuss ideas for wedding flowers Las Vegas, be sure to mention your price range. This helps a florist plan flowers within your comfort zone. If your heart is set on certain kinds of flowers or an extravagant floral display, consider spending more on flowers and less on other decorative items.   From cost to location, there is a lot to think about when you are planning floral arrangements for a wedding. Getting ideas and recommendations from people you know helps, too. When you’re ready to start narrowing down your selection, get in touch with a florist Las Vegas to put your plans into action.

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