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Four Floral Arrangements that Say “I’m Thinking of You”

When someone experiences the loss of a loved one, it is hard to know what to say or do. In most cases, there will be a funeral, church service, or ceremony at the funeral home or cemetery. Sending flowers at various points during the grieving period can be a welcomed addition during a difficult time.

Funeral Wreaths Add Beauty and Remembrance During Service

In many situations, a funeral wreath can be set up next to the casket during a viewing or funeral service. Your florist Las Vegas can help you select the appropriate flowers as well as share the banners that are available.

The Generous Soul Standing Spray is one of several arrangements available. It is created with white flowers and lovely greenery to send a message of hope and remembrance of a generous person.

Flowers Can Adorn Casket

Many people may arrive with fresh cut flowers to decorate the casket or to place at the burial site during the service at the cemetery. This is a simple, small way that mourners can show love and sympathy for those closest to the deceased.

White flowers are often used to signify hope, peace, purity, and love. Lilies, orchids, irises and white roses are common funeral flowers Las Vegas.

For something bolder, you may want to send the Perfect Pastoral Casket Spray, which brightens a sad occasion with red, pink and violet flowers in a beautiful arrangement for the casket itself.

Other Sympathy Floral Arrangements Brighten Funeral Service

While large sprays often serve as the centerpiece of a funeral service, smaller arrangements can be sent and placed around the funeral home as well as around the casket during a showing. A wide variety of arrangements can be made by your local florist to send just the right message to family and friends.

The Pure Whites display includes a variety of white flowers such as snapdragons, carnations, and roses. Symbolizing hope, purity, and love, these arrangements will be appreciated by those who are suffering at the loss of a loved one.

Live Potted Plants Can Be Sent After Funeral

In many cases, families may request that in lieu of flowers, a donation is made to a cause that was close to the heart of a loved one. These requests should always be honored. If you still feel called to send a token of your love and remembrance, you can opt for sending a potted plant to the home of the loved one later.

This Peace Lily makes a beautiful addition to any home and blooms large, creamy white flowers. The plant will help your family and friends remember both their loved one as well as your good wishes for many months to come.

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