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How to Incorporate Flowers and Plants into a Business Setting

Whether it’s the coldest days of winter, the hopeful moments of spring, the toasty periods of summer or the chilly days of fall, everyone enjoys being around flowers and plants. Since most people spend at least one-third of their lives at work, it’s a great idea to bring in fresh flowers to spruce up any office or business setting. Here are some thoughts from a Las Vegas florist:

Basic Decor

Find some ideal, common spots in your business environment where fresh flowers can be enjoyed by many employees, customers, and business partners. Place a vase near the reception desk or in the waiting area. The break room, restrooms, near staircases or in other common areas are great places for a floral arrangement.

Special Occasions

Celebrate special holidays or occasions with fresh flowers. Whether you recognize employee birthdays, major business accomplishment anniversaries or secular holidays, flowers are a simple and beautiful way to show your staff a little appreciation for their hard work each day. It also helps set a routine in swapping out your floral decor.

Corporate Events

When you’re busy planning a training session, annual meeting, customer dinner or other events, be sure to incorporate flowers in your table arrangements, centerpieces and room decorations. They are a simple way to brighten up a corporate event and add a positive vibe throughout the day.

Flowers and Plants Help the Bottom Line

It’s well-known that live plants can help clean the air and fresh an indoor environment. When you incorporate floral arrangements or other potted flowers or plants into your business environment, you may gain some additional business benefits.

* Reduce stress, improve productivity. Some studies show that having flowers or plants can actually reduce stress and enhance the productivity of employees. Something simple like flowers can be pleasing to the eye and nose, providing a little cue to the body to relax and take a break.

* Impress potential employees, business partners. When you’re a prospective employee or business associate entering a business for the first time, you take an inventory of those things around you. Flowers can help exude a cheerful feeling in a business environment, making it more appealing to someone considering working there.

* Boost creativity. Believe it or not, a change of scenery, especially when it turns your attention to natural things like flowers can stimulate a part of the brain that can improve creativity in the workplace.

* Reduce illness and absences. Live, potted plants and flowers can help clean the air inside offices and other indoor spaces. This, in turn, can help reduce the number of indoor pollutants, which can positively impact employee health.

For more details about corporate floral plants, contact your florist in Las Vegas.

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