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Six Beautiful Flower Arrangement Styles Perfect for Any Occasion

Individual flowers are so varied in their colors, shapes, and fragrances. Combine those factors with many popular flower arrangement styles, and it’s easy to create a unique gift or decoration for just about any occasion or person. Here are six of the most beautiful arrangements to consider the next time you need flowers Las Vegas:

Fan-Shaped Arrangement

You’ve probably seen this type of floral arrangement in offices, at weddings, or funerals. Simply arrange a variety of leaves and flowers in the shape of a fan. In many cases, the greenery can serve as a cohesive backdrop, highlighting the blossoms of your favorite flowers. Add some small leaves or buds as filler in between the main floral selections to finish off the look. Fan-shaped arrangements are perfect for corporate flowers Las Vegas.

Elliptical Arrangement

Many floral centerpieces for weddings or corporate events may be created in the shape of an ellipse. Although many flowers can be arranged this way, favorite ones include roses, lilies, and sunflowers. In this arrangement, brightly colored flowers are equally highlighted throughout, filling your occasion with beauty and a pleasant scent.

Vertical Arrangement

When flowers are arranged vertically, they draw attention to the entire bouquet, standing tall and beautiful in whatever job they’ve been assigned to do. Consider using a few large blossoms throughout this arrangement, with complimentary flowers and foliage incorporated throughout the arrangement. These types of bouquets make lovely gifts or corporate decorations, particularly in tight spaces.

Horizontal Arrangement

Just like vertical arrangements are designed for tight vertical spaces, horizontal arrangements can be a lovely way to fill out surface areas or buffet tables. Select your favorite flowers and arrange them in rows or in a zigzag pattern to draw attention to your bouquet. Don’t forget to include unique leaves and filler flowers to accent your star blooms.

Triangular Arrangement

This shape of flowers is a bit more unusual, making it an eye-catching gift for a friend, loved one, or professional colleague. Flowers arranged in a triangular shape showcase one large bloom in the center with plenty of supporting flowers surrounding it. The arrangement is typically finished off with lovely foliage around the perimeter of the bouquet.

‘S’ Shaped Arrangement

If you’re looking for something more unique, consider ordering an S-shaped floral arrangement. This provides a lovely accent to just about any corner of the room or table display. A wide variety of flowers arranged in this curved shape will turn heads and be appreciated by the most discriminating recipients.

For more arrangement options or other ideas, contact your Henderson florist. Professional florists have experience helping you pick out the best arrangement and flowers for your special occasion. Whether you’re looking for a birthday or anniversary gift, corporate event decorations, or wedding or funeral flowers, your florist can help.

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