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The Best Flowers to Incorporate into Your Romantic Proposal

So, you’re not the world’s most eloquent person. But you can still come up with an unforgettably romantic marriage proposal. How? Just let flowers do most of the talking!

Since Victorian times, people in love have used flowers to express their deepest romantic feelings and admiration for their beloved’s unique qualities. Our Henderson florist has compiled this list of seven flowers that can make your proposal as unique and timeless as your love!


No flower symbolizes romance more clearly than a red, red rose. Twelve red roses are a statement of your utter, total, and undying love. Still not sure you’ll be getting your point across? Combine them with a dozen white roses – the top choice for traditional wedding flowers!


As delightful and durable as the perfect love affair, carnations take their name from two Latin words meaning “flowers of the gods.” What better way to say, “Be mine.” Choose a combination of light and deep-red carnations to express your admiration and lasting love.

Stargazer Lilies

Talk about putting stars in your beloved’s eyes! Propose with a bunch of deep-pink, white-accented stargazer lilies as a way of saying just how infatuated you are. These heavenly fragrant beauties are dazzling, delicate, and seductive all at once.


For a proposal as captivating, charming and fresh as … well … daisies, choose these bright, blessed beauties. Daisies deliver double doses of romance! First, they symbolize a new chapter in your relationship. And each bloom is a union of two different flowers! See where this is headed?


Want your proposal to reflect just how and rare and special your beloved is? Orchestrate it with orchids! Victorian collectors were so mesmerized by orchids’ mysteriously exotic beauty that many died while scouring the world’s jungles in search of them. But we make it easy. To find the orchid perfect for your proposal, stop by our flower farm Henderson!


Are you more comfortable with your intended than with anyone else on Earth? Then propose with relaxed, cheerful tulips. Cut tulip flowers always bend toward the light. What a gift for the light of your life! Choose red tulips to say, “I love you truly.” Or, if you can’t take your eyes off his or hers, go with variegated ones.


Like tulips, bright, cheery sunflowers turn toward the sunlight. In return, the sun nourishes them, just as your love nourishes you. And their strong, upright stems suggest the strong, lasting bond between two people in love. If you can think of more romantic messengers to help with your proposal, we’d love to meet them!

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