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The Best Flowers to Plant in The Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and flowers know best when it’s time to come up and flourish. If you’ve planted perennials in the past, be patient and watch for them to push their way up through the cold soil very soon. If you’re planning on planting spring varieties this year, consider these hardy, cool weather types:

Bleeding Hearts

These lovely blooms cover the entirety of a dangling branch, alternating with fat, green leaves. Although they come up in the early days of spring, their lives are usually short-lived. By the time warmer weather and longer days creep in, they will fade and die back. You may want to plant some summer-loving plants nearby so that they can fill the space once the bleeding heart is done for the year.


More of a groundcover than a plant, bloodroot does have small, white blooms that are a welcome sight instead of the snow cover of winter. Once the blooms vanish for the season, blue-green leaves create a non-invasive ground cover for the area. Single and double bloom varieties are available, and they are quite hardy and fill in space nicely.

False Forget-Me-Not

Also known as Brunnera, these forget-me-not plants have heart-shaped leaves and bright blue or cream-colored blooms. These bloom early in the spring and may require a little pruning as the summer sets in. Some varieties self-seed while others need more time to propagate. These perennials may only last a few years so you may want to split them every three years.


These slow-growing perennials require higher financial investment upfront and some patience. However, once they are established, they will live for many, many years. Mixed blends provide a wealth of colors including purple, cream, pink and burgundy. Resembling napping, nodding heads, these blooms are pleasant to look at every spring.


This early spring plant has both beautiful blooms that remain clear white while alive and unique foliage that is speckled and dotted with silver and white. Some other flowers can emerge as pink and turn blue once pollination occurs.

Creeping Phlox

More like a creeping carpet of blooms, this variety sports pink, white and lavender blossoms that can dot a carpet of grass or along walls of rock. Like many spring varieties, the blooms vanish too soon but are a welcomed first addition to the growing season.

Pig Squeak

Tiny pink, white, red and violet blooms grace the surfaces of glossy, leathery foliage with burgundy-colored stems. The blossoms don’t stick around for long in the spring, but the leaves are lovely through the entire season, becoming a fascinating bronze-red in the autumn months. The plants reproduce by slow-growing rhizomes, and the leaves squeak between your fingers, providing its name.


These blooms look best in clusters near the tree bases in a wooded area. There are many spring varieties including the common primrose, yellow cowslips, exotic candelabras, and the English primrose.

Solomon’s Seal

With arching stems and hanging blooms, the Solomon’s Seal produces eye-catching glossy black seed pods after blooms die. Plant many of these in large areas that can spread throughout your garden through slow-growing rhizomes.


Resembling the blooms of bloodroot, Twinleaf’s blossoms open before leaves are even finished growing. The name of the plant comes from its two opposite leaves that look like the wings of a butterfly. Although the flowers die off quickly after a flush in the spring, the plant stays lovely through the summer and produces interesting seed pods.

Virginia Bluebells

Bluebells conjure up beautiful verses, and when you see these flowers Las Vegas, you’ll understand why. Like the lungwort, the blossoms start pink and become blue later in the spring. Eventually, you’ll have amazing dangling clusters of blue tube-like flowers.

Check with your florist Las Vegas to learn more about spring blooms.

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