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Flowers for any occasion

Reasons to Give Flowers

Flowers have been used as gifts for centuries but are still very popular. While flowers aren’t the most practical presents, they can bring a smile to a person’s face. That’s especially true if the gift is unexpected and is a pleasant surprise at the end of a harrowing day. Flowers also have deep meaning and can convey the right message based on the arrangement you choose.

If you’re not familiar with different flowers and their language, our experienced florists at Flowers of the Field will help you find the best arrangement. There are many reasons to give someone flowers and you don’t really need to wait for a special occasion to do it. Some of the reasons include:

1. Expression of Love

Professing love with flowers is an age-old ritual and with the right flower arrangement, it is possible to send the message clearly to the recipient. Love comes in different forms and different types of flowers express it differently. For example, an arrangement of dark red roses is a great way to express romantic love, especially if it is mature and grounded love between serious partners.

Pink and white roses are more innocent, ideal for the first bloom of love. They can charm a date and convey good intentions. If you want to give something other than the traditional rose, try Lily of the Valley, which conveys purity and sweetness or a red carnation that represents admiration. Flowers are a great way to confess love and show you have put thought into the gift. A florist in Las Vegas will make a beautiful arrangement that conveys the best message.

2. To Hope for Healing

Injuries, illnesses, accidents, and other such health problems can be a difficult time for a person and their family. Sending flowers offers comfort in a difficult time and shows your thoughts are with them. While any flower arrangement with pretty, light-colored flowers is suitable for such occasions, some arrangements convey a deeper meaning. Get-well flowers should be bright and colorful, as they will spread cheer in a sick room or hospital room.

Iris, daffodils, and sunflowers in bright yellow, white, and pink are ideal for getting well bouquets. It’s a good idea to avoid highly fragranced flowers like lilies, freesias, lilacs, etc., as they can cause a stain. You can give a freesia to someone who is well on their way to recovery as it represents positive energy and will help uplift the recipient’s mood.

3. Make a Loved One Smile

Gifting a beautiful flower arrangement to a loved one or a friend will make them smile, especially if the gift is unexpected. For example, you can send a beautiful arrangement to your mother after she has had a stressful week. Flowers make people happy because of their sight and smell release chemicals in a person’s body. Flowers like daisies, pink and white roses, yellow carnations, etc. are a great choice if you want to make someone smile. A bouquet full of daisies is guaranteed to make a person smile because these flowers remind them that happiness exists. They lend a very cheerful ambiance to a room.

4. To Show Sympathy or Offer Condolences

People going through a difficult period or experiencing grief need support but are often hesitant to ask for it. Offering them flowers along with a thoughtful card opens the doors of communication and encourages them to reach out to you. White lilies are the most common flowers for funerals, grieving, and memorial services. They represent purity restored to a departed soul.

Gladioli represent a strength of character, moral integrity, and sincerity, which can be a homage to the deceased individual. Florists in Las Vegas also recommend flowers like carnations, chrysanthemums, and even roses. If these flowers are arranged carefully, they will convey the right message and help people struggling with grief.

5. Celebration of New Life

New life is one of the best occasions to celebrate. Children bring a lot of joy to family and friends. They represent hope, promise, potential, and endless happiness. Flowers are the perfect way to convey your happiness and good wishes in such circumstances. There are a lot of flower arrangement options available for this occasion. For example, you can choose a pink arrangement for a girl child or a blue one for a boy child. If you want to steer away from traditional colors and meanings, gender-neutral arrangements are also a great gift.

Florists in Las Vegas recommend light-colored, cheerful flowers. Choose pink, white, yellow, or purple flowers. Carnations are very popular in new bay arrangements, but you can also use gerberas and daisies. You can choose flowers based on the birth month to add a special meaning. For example, carnation or snowdrop are for January, violet or primrose are for February, and so on. Our florists will help you choose the best flowers.

6. Celebrating Marriage

Marriage is a joining of two souls who are deeply in love. It represents commitment, dedication, unity, and a sacred bond. If you want to give a married couple flowers on their wedding day, consider the arrangement with special care. Roses are a great option because they are considered the flower of love.

A carefully assembled arrangement of red, white, or pink roses is ideal. Avoid yellow roses as they can convey the wrong message. While yellow roses represent friendship, they also speak of diminishing love. Other flowers suitable for weddings are gypsophila or baby’s breath, pink carnations, and pink gerberas.

7. To Apologize

Apologizing is never easy because people don’t want to admit they made a mistake or hurt someone they care about. Sometimes saying sorry can save a relationship, especially when you put some thought into the apology. These arrangements can include roses, carnations, hyacinths, tulips, Lily of the Valley, or orchids.

Flowers are a great gift, especially if you put some thought into them. Our Flowers of the Field Florists in Las Vegas will help you find the best arrangement for any of the above-mentioned occasions. If you want to surprise a loved one for no reason, just explain the message you want to convey and our Las Vegas florists will help.

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