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2019 Floral Trends

The new year is always a time full of anticipation, fresh starts, and ambitious resolutions. If you got engaged in 2018, then the new year will also be one of excitement and lots of wedding planning. When it comes time to select flowers Las Vegas for your big day, you’ll want to know what the latest trends are so you can keep up with the times.

Out With The Subtle, In With The Bold 

During the past several years, subtle, soft colors have been the hot floral decorations for many weddings. That’s about to change as we enter 2019. Instead, bold and bright colors will take center stage again. Your florist Las Vegas will be ready to show you orange, red and other bright blooms mixed in with the lush greenery that still lingers from last year. If you love making a statement, your wedding flowers will certainly be ready to help this year.

Unusual Foliage Replaces Popular Palms

Many brides chose tropical themes complete with palm leaves in floral arrangements last year. This year, those bright, bold flowers will find themselves highlighting more unusual plants such as anthurium, with its romantic heart-shaped flowers and waxy leaves. The protea king plant, originating from tropical climates, seems to make an appearance out of a fairy tale to grace this year’s weddings. Layering these more unique plants with bold flowers is sure to turn heads during your wedding celebration.

Move Over Rustic: The Industrial Age Begins

Weddings in barns and other outdoor spaces have been popular for quite a while with natural venues popping up in massive numbers. Next year, you’ll see a shift toward more industrial settings including venues with unfinished, open spaces, concrete and metal decor. More traditional floral arrangements will soften the industrial look with a touch of romance. Lush greens and sophisticated shades of jewel and blue hues compliment the industrial-themed wedding. The contrast will make 2019 weddings memorable.

Dahlias, Peonies and Ranunculus

Although all-time favorite wedding flowers such as roses will continue to be popular, other blooms that may be taking center stage this year include dahlias, peonies and ranunculus.

Several dozen varieties of dahlias in all colors are available, making them a flexible and easy-to-use wedding flower. Each stem has one large bloom, which makes this choice easy to work within wedding bouquets. Some dahlias are available in certain seasons while others can be accessed anytime.

Perhaps peonies have grown in popularity due to the fact that they are Duchess Meghan Markle’s favorite flower, but they are definitely a top choice for 2019 weddings. With a growing season that corresponds well to wedding season (spring through summer), the peony beckons blushing brides with fluffy flowers in pink and red as well as cream and white. They work with many other flowers and greenery to add beauty to any wedding. Another advantage of the peony is that they fit in any wedding budget.

And, finally, the ranunculus is one of the most delicate and beautiful flowers that just fit with the wedding ambiance. With a wide variety of color choices including yellow, pink, red, white, and orange, ranunculus is ready to compliment any wedding color scheme.

It’s All About Texture and Depth

Wedding bouquets, as well as centerpieces, will go for deeper texture and depth in the new year. A combination of fabulous greenery with bold colors or sophisticated hues will bring unusual contrasts to the floral arrangements. The more intricate and complex the design, the more trendy the arrangement will be.

This design concept will move into related areas, mixing textures, palettes and finishes in not only flowers but decor and wedding garb as well. Layering metal, wood, glass, flowers and plants in unique designs are sure to please.

Get Ready for Significant Floral Architecture

Gone are the days of the wedding arch adorned with flowers. Today, you’ll still see floral statement pieces, but they will be more unusual and larger than life in many cases. Keep your eyes open for large flower walls, making the perfect backdrop for Instagram postings. Large hanging floral creations will also make their way into wedding venues this year.

Flowers in the Details

Get ready for flowers to make a come back in the wedding details including intricate appliqués on wedding gowns and floral embroidery on bridesmaid dresses. Combs, anklets and bracelets are covered with flowers as well.

Traditional centerpieces may be taking a backseat to more unique use of flowers and greenery in venue decoration including railing and table garland as well as scattered throughout the reception hall in unique fashion. Floral arrangements are moving toward fitting in instead of standing out.

When its time to start planning your wedding flowers Las Vegas, keep these hot trends in mind. You’ll be sure to host a wedding to be remembered.

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