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A fresh bouquet of flowers usually lasts for approximately 4 – 7 days before it starts to show serious signs of wilting. However, different flowers have different life spans and can actually live much longer than others. The fresh beautiful look of your flowers also depends on the type of care they receive. If you are one of the lucky ones who have received flowers and want to keep them looking amazing for as long as possible, here are a few tips regarding flower care from your local Las Vegas florist.

If You Have received a Floral Arrangement or Floral Bouquet in a Vase:

colorful flower bouquetWith flowers in a floral arrangement, you want to make sure that your vase has fresh water filled to the top. If your flowers were placed in floral foam, make sure that the foam is drenched and soaked to the maximum point of water volume. Flower food packets help to expand the life of your flowers, so they are highly recommended. Do make sure to follow the directions and mixing instructions carefully, because too much food can lead to bacteria growth and eventually death of the flowers. If for any reason the water in the vase becomes cloudy:

  • Dump out the water.


  • Wash the vase thoroughly with an antibacterial soap and water.


  • Then, refill the water with the appropriate mixture of plant food.


  • Finally, grab a sharp knife or pair of scissors and cut off about one to two inches from bottom of the stems. If you take a look at the knife or pair of scissors of your local Las Vegas florist knife you will notice that it is almost as sharp as a scalpel. You you’re your blade sharp because you don’t want to tear or mash the stem and damage the flower.


  • Right after the stems are cut, place the flower into water filled vase.

Flowers love cool areas and so you should keep them away from direct sunlight. The perfect temperature for flowers is around 64 – 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, keep your floral arrangement or bouquet away from air conditioning or heating vents and other places that can change the temperature of the surrounding area such as a television set, computer or even a ceiling fan.

If you need help or information regarding how to take better care of your flower arrangement, contact Las Vegas flower shop Flower of the Field Flower Boutique. We can give you any information regarding the care procedures, life spans and other information regarding any specific flower. (702) 263-3256

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