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Best Floral Centerpiece Trends for Summer 2019


If you’re planning a wedding for this upcoming summer, you’re probably in the middle of all sorts of decisions right now. Selecting your flowers for not only your bouquet but also for the rest of your wedding day can be one of those big choices. Here are some trends for you to consider:

Traditional Floral Centerpieces Always in Style

There’s a reason why traditional arrangements are called “traditional.” They have stood the test of time in terms of attractiveness and appeal. Once you select the colors and floral varieties for your wedding, a traditional arrangement is a reliable and simple one for your big day. Most of these arrangements will have a focal point with supporting blooms filling out the display.

Towering Centerpieces Help Make Big Spaces Cozy

If you are holding your reception in a large space with high ceilings, you may want to consider towering centerpieces on a few of the tables or scattered on the cake table, in the gift area, or at the ends of the buffet table. One caution with large bouquets is that you don’t want your centerpieces to take over the hall or block conversation at a guest table. Flowers with larger buds such as dahlias, anthurium, and peonies work well in large arrangements.

Floating Blooms Add Elegance to a Wedding Venue

By combining floating buds, water-filled vases or other containers, and other decor such as tea candles, you can create an unusual, beautiful floating centerpiece display. Consider layering your look with candles, which add a lovely flicker to the entire evening. Orchids, as well as other varieties that have stunning blooms, can be encouraged to float more consistently by attaching a piece of bubble wrap just under the bloom.

Single Stems Offer a Low-Cost Yet Attractive Option

There’s nothing quite like a single rose in a beautiful vase so remind us of the love that surrounds a wedding. If you want to get a little more creative, select some matching vases that are different sizes and heights and use complimentary single stems throughout your reception area. Whether you chose to cluster your flowers or place one on each table, this effort will bring together the entire look for you. Varieties such as astilbe, ranunculus, carnations, and tulips work in this design.

Garland Tops the List for Trendy Wedding Floral Decorations

Garlands can be created as beautiful wall decor, perfect for selfies at a wedding. They can include blooms or mostly greenery, depending on your preference. Although you can incorporate a water source, you’ll have more flexibility if you select plants such as nagi, evergreen or eucalyptus that can survive your special day without water.

In the end, the list of possible floral centerpieces is endless. Consult with your local florist to find the arrangement that best suits your budget and taste.

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