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Best Flowers for November Weddings

Selecting a date for your wedding can depend on many things such as when you get engaged, how quickly you want to tie the knot, schedules of family and friends, and availability of favorite venues for the ceremony and reception. If you decided on a November wedding, your themes, colors, decor, and flowers will revolve around the autumn season. Although many wedding flowers Las Vegas are available year-round, these are some seasonal favorites that can add beauty to your November wedding.


Gerbera Daisy

Shaped like a sunflower, the gerbera daisy represents innocence and purity. This scented flower comes in bold colors and features long petals. They work well alone or in combination with other fall flowers and foliage.



The advantage of selecting the iris flower is that you can choose from a broad range of colors to complement your dresses and other wedding decor. Popular shades include yellow, purple, pink, red and blue. You can also pick between scented and unscented. Named for a Greek goddess, the flower stands for hope, and faith.


Calla Assorted

Calla flowers are known for their beauty and come in a wide range of lovely colors including pink, cream, yellow and marsala. These scentless flowers look a bit like tulips and have long stems that can be used successfully in bouquets and as table centerpieces.



Popular for autumn weddings, cosmos resemble daisies and are available in orange, white, pink, brown and yellow. This unscented flower works well as table decorations and as part of wedding bouquets. The meaning behind cosmos flowers is modesty and beauty.



Snapdragons are sweet-smelling, bold-colored flowers. Available in white, burgundy, pink, peach, and purple, these flowers have long, leafy stems and work well in vases. Snapdragons, named after a Chinese dragon, represent strength and graciousness.



Resembling a five-pointed star, stephanotis flowers are scented and a lovely white color. It is also known as a Madagascar jasmine and symbolizes marital harmony. These flowers work well in bouquets and centerpieces, often highlighted with pearl decorations.



With small clusters of blooms, the hydrangea comes in purple, pink, blue and white. These flowers have a subtle scent and symbolize passion, friendship, and understanding. Hydrangea can be used alone or in combination with other flowers.


Grape Hyacinth

Symbolizing usefulness, the grape hyacinth is a great accent flower. They look like grape bunches and are available in purple, white, green and blue. The sweet-smelling flower is also known as muscari.


These and many other autumn flowers make lovely additions to a fall wedding. Talk with your florist Henderson for more ideas. Popular flowers such as roses and carnations are available year-round and can be used in combination with these seasonal favorites as well to make your special wedding day a memorable and beautiful one.

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