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Best Winter Flowers for Home Decor

When the days get shorter and the weather turns cooler, adding some flowers to an outdoor garden or to decorate your home can liven things up. Here are some great fall and winter flowers that are in season now.


These daisy-like plants make great winter flowers Las Vegas. Calendulas will do well as cut flowers inside and can be planted in the late fall, surviving through the milder winters of Las Vegas.


These small, delicate flowers come in pink, rose, red and white and are popular in the cooler seasons, especially for weddings and other celebrations. The flowers are often said to look like shooting stars and can be grown in a container so they can be given as a gift or placed around the home. The cyclamen plants that have smaller flowers tend to be more likely to survive a mild winter in an outdoor garden.


These plants enjoy winter as well as early spring and have very distinctive bell-shaped blooms. They come with white, green, pink, red and purple flowers, which stick around after blooming and slowly turn green.

Iceland Poppy

Towering as high as one to two feet, Iceland poppies make great companions to winter flowers. They have no leaves but are adorned with flowers in orange, salmon, pink, cream, rose, yellow or white. Tuck them in an arrangement with other winter flowers and plants; their blooms can be picked often to encourage more flower growth.


These plants can be sown in the fall and will bloom in the winter and spring, reaching upwards of two feet tall. Donning small, green leaves, nemesia can have very fragrant flowers or no scent at all.


Stock is an older flower variety that can be planted in very early spring. With its narrow grayish-green leaves and white, red, lavender, blue, cream or pink flowers, the stock plant grows to about three feet tall.

Winter Jasmine

Climbing along a wall or trellis, the winter jasmine can reach as high as 15 feet. The plant also spreads its width with slender stems and bright yellow, unscented blooms. In early spring, you’ll see glossy leaves appear. The winter jasmine will be just fine in cooler weather but will grow heavily in ideal conditions.


With bright colors and a pleasant scent, viola can brighten any gray, winter day. If you have them planted outside, you know they overwinter well and reproduce easily. With very small blooms, violas make a great addition to a winter floral arrangement because their yellow, blue, white and cream colored flowers are numerous.

Talk with your florist Henderson to learn more about winter flowers that are in season in Las Vegas. Selecting in-season flowers for a wedding, gift, indoor decoration or garden addition is the best way to ensure healthy, long-lasting flowers.

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