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Flower Fun – 3 Creative Uses for Roses

Red Rose

Photo by RejiK

The rose most commonly symbolizes love, beauty, and passion; but every color is iconic for different feelings and expressions. Roses are also edible. Their flavors are distinguished by the type, color, and soil conditions. Most roses are similar in taste to green apples and strawberries. Here are three unique …Continue Reading »


Flower Fun: 3 Creative Uses for Orchids

Available in an array of different colors, orchids are most commonly used for formal events such as weddings, proms, and cotillions.  Here are some other ways orchids can be used.

Photo by TomOnTheRoof

1.  Fertilize your Garden

Photo by kevsexotics

Orchids contain essential nutrients and minerals beneficial for other plants. Mix them …Continue Reading »


How to Create a Garden That Tells Time

Flower Clock

Most gardens today are planted with color, visual appeal and soil quality in mind, but have you ever heard of planting flowers to signify the time? Well, in 1751 a Swedish biologist by the name of Carolus Linnaeus set out to do just that.  

He noticed that certain flowers seemed to bloom at very …Continue Reading »


He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

It seems over the years relationships have become more complicated. It use to seem simple and expected for people to find a lover in their early twenties, they would settle down, get married and put together a family. Well, maybe back in the 50s this was the case. A lot has changed since …Continue Reading »


Ideas for Summer Wedding Bouquets

Getting married soon and still trying to come up with your bouquet? No worries there are lots of ideas for beautiful summer inspired bouquets. It is the season of weddings and luckily for you; the season when many beautiful blooms come to life. Here are a few flowers and arrangements you may be …Continue Reading »


Easy Flowers to Grow

Looking to add a little cheer to your home this Spring? Flowers and plants are the perfect way to do exactly that. Just a simple bouquet on the kitchen table can brighten up a room. Maybe you can add a bouquet to every room. A different color in every room will keep things …Continue Reading »


Seasonal Summer Flowers

Summer is an enjoyable time for almost everyone. The weather gets warmer and people seem to be spending more time in the sunlight. Summer gives us a reason to celebrate, whether its for a wedding, a birthday, a special occasion or no special reason at all. Summer is an excellent time to surprise …Continue Reading »


2012 Spring Trends

Each year the fashion trends change and out emerges new and fun colors and styles to take over for the year. In 2012 there are a few trends that have spawned from previous trends and a few new styles that are making their way. Here are five of the hottest trends this year.

Continue Reading »


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