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Flower Care Tips

The month of May is filled with occasions for Flowers! Receiving flowers is a wonderful thing, but how do we make them last longer? After receiving your fresh arrangement of flowers, maintaining them is the next step! Don’t overlook the importance of flower care. Despite their delicate appearance, flowers are very easy to care for …Continue Reading »

Say It With Flowers

Say it with flowers! No matter the occasion, one of the simplest and most appreciative gestures is giving flowers. Flowers are perfect for any occasion. Nothing says, “I love you,” “Happy Birthday, “Happy Mother’s Day,” “Congratulations,” better than flowers! That’s only to name a few occasions. There are so many different kinds of flowers to …Continue Reading »

Start Planning for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated annually on the second week of May. It is dedicated to recognizing women all around the world whether it be your mom, wife, friend or mother figure. Countries worldwide celebrate this day with special traditions. If you don’t have a tradition, time to start one!

What would our world be without …Continue Reading »

Easter Flowers Guide

Say goodbye to cold weather and gray skies, say hello to blooming flowers and sunny days! Spring has finally arrived, and Easter is one of the holidays that really bring in the season! Easter is full of many traditions and symbols! You might be familiar with the Easter egg hunts, brightly colored eggs and bunny …Continue Reading »

Giving Flowers – What message are you sending?

Whether it is for a family member, loved one, or friend, giving flowers is one of life’s simplest gestures that are very largely impactful. Receiving flowers naturally radiate a sense of glowing happiness, excitement, and smiles instantly. There are different aspects of flowers to consider when giving someone flowers: colors, type of flower, name, occasion, …Continue Reading »

The Rich Symbolism Behind the Red Rose

The Story Behind the Red Rose as the Love Flower

Most people would be thrilled to get a bouquet of red roses for Valentine’s Day or on any other day. After all, red roses are said to represent true love. The symbol is used in songs, poetry, artwork and drama. Understanding the meaning behind the red …Continue Reading »


Flower Help for Men on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Flower Help for Men

People have been giving their true love flowers for Valentine’s Day since King Charles II gave flowers to Catherine of Braganza during the 18th century. While roses are the most popular flower to send for Valentine’s Day, there are many other flowers that can be given as well. If you …Continue Reading »


Popular Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Gift Ideas You can Use On Valentine’s Day

For people in relationships, Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration, but it can also be one that causes a lot of frustration in the weeks beforehand if you don’t know what to get your significant other. You could, of course, go for the chocolate and flowers standby, …Continue Reading »


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