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Bridal Bouquet Las Vegas | Flowers of the Field

Soon to be brides are always wondering what the next trend of bridal bouquet Las Vegas will reveal.  Believe it or not, Las Vegas is home to a few very large bridal conventions a year.  Brides from every part of the nation fly to Las Vegas to see the trends of wedding flowers Las Vegas is setting.  But be sure that you have planned and prepared correctly before you jump on a plane and buy your tickets to the next convention.

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            The first step in choosing the right wedding flowers and bouquet is to get a general idea of what styles you personally like.  It is a good idea to look at pictures and to compare the flower arrangements that celebrities choose, however, don’t select a style just because your favorite star did.  Always stay true to yourself.  It wouldn’t make sense to pick a pastel pink flower when everyone around you knows pink is your least favorite color. Create your wedding bouquet and flower arrangements based on you and your groom’s personal attitudes and personalities.

             Something else you should do to before contact local florists is to create a budget. The bridal bouqueta Las Vegas likes to showcase the most are the extravagant ones.  Keep in mind that extravagant usually means expensive.  It is really easy to get carried away when you go into a florist shop with all of the beautiful flower arrangements around you, but you don’t want to commit to something you may not be able to afford.  By creating a budget before you even step foot in a florist, you will not only be benefiting yourself but also making the job of the florist much easier.  When you have a wedding to plan, wasting time is the last thing you want to do.

            Once you are ready to visit a florist, walk in ready to ask a few questions.  Things to consider are the number of events a day they commit to, the budgets they are willing to work with, how comfortable they make you feel, and if you feel that the florist truly understands you and you vision.  There is nothing worse than paying for fresh flower arrangements that look nothing like you had envisioned

If your goal is to mirror a bridal bouquet Las Vegas has showcased in one of their many wedding conventions, your best choice is to talk to an expert.  Flowers of the Field, A Floral Boutique has been serving Las Vegas residents for many years.  They will take the time to listen to your wants and your needs and then create flower arrangements tailored to them.  Come in and talk with their floral experts to see how they can make your dream wedding come true. (702) 263-3256


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