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Christmas Floral Arrangements Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, and fresh flowers make a great addition to the traditional tree and wreath decorations. Although flowers of all kinds are usually available year-round, take a special look at those winter blooms that are currently in season for the most cost-effective and longest lasting designs. Here are some great ideas on how to incorporate those in-season flowers Las Vegas around your home.

Tie-in The Pine

Everyone knows that pine trees and wreaths are a foundation for Christmas decor, but that doesn’t mean they have to be the same boring design year after year. By adding fresh flowers along with traditional decorations, you can create a unique addition to your home that will be a great conversation piece during all those holiday parties. Or, take advantage of the abundance of pine and holly to bring in more unique floral arrangements to your home. Use touches of pine in addition with in-season flowers to make stunning arrangements including:

* Combine pine boughs from the bottom of your live tree with flowers, fruit, ribbon or candles in a favorite vase.

* Take some in-season, festive flowers with pine sprigs and display them wrapped in a bit of tree bark with a bed of moss nearby.

* Incorporate fresh flowers into your tree or wreaths themselves for a unique look.

Trim Stems to Prolong Cut Flowers’ Life

If you are using cut fresh flowers, be sure to trim their stems on a slant daily and feed them with floral food or plain sugar water to keep them looking fresh a little longer. To keep your vase clean, dust it regularly or shine it up with newspaper. A little extra care can add several days to a fresh flower’s life.

A Multitude of Displays

No one says you have to have one major centerpiece or mantlepiece each year. Instead, consider creating several smaller displays. Fill Mason jars, glasses or Christmas containers with holly, carnations, roses or berries, along with some greenery and scatter throughout your home.

Spruce Up What You Have

If you happen to have beautiful growth from your garden, make your holiday decor more personal by using those with a little addition of pine or holly to make them more Christmas-y.

Personal Place Settings

If you’re hosting a big holiday meal, consider creating floral place settings for each person with rosehips or gypsophilia tied with some holly and ribbon.

Bathroom Touches

Besides burning incense or scented candles in your bathroom, consider adding a vase with fresh roses and pine for a holiday decoration with a wonderful fragrance.

Chat with your florist Henderson for more Christmas decorating ideas as well as what blooms are available in abundance during the holiday season.


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