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Dream Wedding: Four Essential Things You Need

Whether it was a childhood romance come to fruition or a love-at-first-sight whirlwind relationship, the big decision has been made. You’re getting married. The culmination of the dating scene opens the door to a lifetime adventure. And the wedding day is the magical threshold between the two worlds.

Every wedding planner will give you a list of perhaps hundreds of details to consider over the next several months to make your dream wedding come true. Although these details are important, here are four essential items to bump to top priority:


Bridal flowers make their appearance in just about every aspect of a wedding, from bouquets to boutonnieres at the ceremony all the way to centerpieces and venue decoration. Select a florist who listens well and understands your vision so you can select the colors, designs, and overall feeling you want for your big day. Ask for pictures of other similar arrangements, and consider requesting a few mock-ups so you can be confident your florist will deliver the perfect wedding flowers Las Vegas.


Plan your wedding at least one year to 18 months ahead so you can secure the venue of your choice. Many high-demand spots book up quickly, especially if you’re planning a wedding during popular times of the year. Today, more than ever, unusual venues are popping up for weddings. If your first choice is booked or too expensive, check around for some lesser known, but unique and beautiful, venues in your area.

3.The Dress

Yes, everyone knows the wedding dress is the centerpiece of the magic day. If you’re fortunate enough to know exactly what you’re looking for, you can probably find it between wedding boutiques and online searches. If you have no idea, plan to spend some time trying on dresses at a wedding shop. Try to get an early appointment so the bridal consultants will be fresh and energetic to help you consider your options.


Planning the meal is really about selecting the ambiance for your reception. Gone are the days of the required formal dinner for a wedding reception. Today, you can have your choice of an informal buffet-style dinner, a breakfast or brunch reception, or an afternoon cocktail party. Once you determine if you want casual or formal and finalize the length of your reception guest list, you’ll be able to narrow down your food options.

After these four wedding essentials are checked off, you can sit back, relax for a moment, catch your breath and then move onto the hundreds of other wedding details to plan. Just remember that although the big day is “big,” it is only a moment. Enjoy the little moments you have with your spouse-to-be, friends and family during the planning process as well.

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