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Easy Flowers to Keep Alive in Office Settings

Flowers and plants can help brighten up office space and reduce stress as well as help keep the indoor air quality cleaner. The biggest challenge is the fact that many offices do not have access to natural light, making growing more difficult in some cases. Here is a list of flowers that are easy to keep alive in such a low-natural light environment.

Jade Plant: This small, hardy plant features small flowers and requires minimal watering. Also, the Japanese call it the “money plant” and some believe its presence helps generate success.

African Violet: This beautiful flowering plant is small and sits comfortably on a desktop.

Peace Lily: This large plant is known for its air-cleaning properties and works well in windowless spaces to bring a touch of the outdoors inside.

Chinese Evergreen: This plant requires little care and does well in low light. It is known to remove toxins from the air.

English Ivy: A clinging evergreen, this indoor plant filters dangerous substances such as formaldehyde.

Parlor Palm: This small palm tree works well in the common spaces of an office building as well as helps separate areas. It thrives in low light.

Snake Plant: Place several of these together, and these plants with tall leaves can serve as a natural, air-cleaning office divider.

Gerber Daisy: With lovely blossoms, this daisy works to filter toxins such as benzene, which is released by some printing systems.

Philodendrons: These climbers deliver height and are low-maintenance office plants.

Cactus: A wide variety of cacti are available. Although they don’t require much water, they do need sunlight to do well.

Warneck Dracaena: This shrub is another natural divider with its tendency to grow tall. It filters toxins often found in oils and varnishes, which can be emitted through care of hardwood floors.

Ming Aralia: Water this plant a couple of times a month, and you’ll have a natural privacy wall between spaces.

Spider Plant: This hardy and easy-to-grow plant works best in hanging baskets, which can provide a natural decoration for office space.

Weeping Fig: This large plant filters pollutants from furniture and carpet including formaldehyde and benzene.

ZZ Plant: This low-maintenance plant produces lovely blooms for an office space.

Aloe: These desk-sized plants filter indoor air pollutants, and its gel can be a quick first-aid remedy for burns and cuts.

Umbrella Tree: Go with the large varieties for privacy borders or smaller versions for desktop plants.

Fittonia: A lover of fluorescent light, this plant seems like it was designed for the modern office space.

Pothos: This small plant may need an occasional trim but will be low maintenance in personal office space.

Azalea: In cooler offices, this flowering shrub will remove formaldehyde from the air.

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