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Flower Care

Flower Care Tips

The month of May is filled with occasions for Flowers! Receiving flowers is a wonderful thing, but how do we make them last longer? After receiving your fresh arrangement of flowers, maintaining them is the next step! Don’t overlook the importance of flower care. Despite their delicate appearance, flowers are very easy to care for and maintain!

Here are a few easy steps to take that will encourage your flowers to be at their best for a longer time. With these steps, your flowers will look great!

Shorten flower stems

When shortening the flowers, make sure they are angled before cutting them. Remove a minimum of 1 inch off the bottom and use proper gardening tools rather than kitchen scissors. The slanted cut of the stem allows the stem to open more for hydration. In the process of cutting the stems, do not remove the all the leaves from the stem. Remove a few but the flower still needs the leaves as part of the hydration process to allow them to last longer.

Hydrate your Flowers or Plants

The most important thing to remember is to make sure you are constantly watering your house plants or keeping the flower vase filled with water. Just like us, flowers need to stay hydrated at all times to stay looking lively and fresh throughout the days. In addition, make sure you are not putting fresh water on top of dirty water. Once you see the water begin to get clouded, it’s time to replace the entire water from the vase with fresh water.

Along with water, flower food helps the flowers get nutrients it needs for longer lasting flowers. Flower food is important because when the flower is cut from the plant, it loses its source of nutrients. It is a key ingredient to stimulate the flower’s original plant environment.

Remove wilting leaves

When hydrating your flowers, make sure to remove wilting leaves or petals that may fall into the vase. Wilting leaves especially when they fall in the vase of water can cause bacteria to form inside the water and affect how long the flowers will last. Leaves rot in the water when they are not removed. Once some of the flowers begin to wilt, also remember to take them off to make sure most of the plants energy is going towards maintaining the ones that are not yet wilting.

Maintain a neutral temperature

The length of time that an arrangement of flowers can last is heavily dependent on the temperature. The temperature of the home should always be at a neutral temperature, not too hot and not too cold. Flowers wilt quickly if it is too cold or hot in the area they are in. However, there are certain flowers that can do better in warmer temperature such as tropical flowers. Areas with direct sunlight can make the area hotter than it needs to be for the plant and will discourage them from lasting longer.

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