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Give Your Office a Summer Glow with These Fresh Flowers

There’s hope for claustrophobic cubicles! Even in low sunlight areas, there are certain flowers that thrive in corporate environments. Here are some head-turning flowering or foliage plant luminaries from your Henderson florist that might be just the ticket for your workplace:

Flame violet’s red, orange, pink, yellow, lavender or white blooms make quite the statement against its silvery-tinged, cascading foliage. The desktop-sized beauty likes medium light (no direct sun). Keep its velvety leaves dry when watering. Setting it on a tray of wet pebbles provides the humidity it loves.

Peace lilies not only bloom year around; they have the marvelous ability to scrub the air of formaldehyde, xylene, mold spores, ammonia, and other undesirable substances. Their bridal-white, elegantly hooded flowers, and gleaming green leaves create a relaxed office vibe even on the hottest Vegas days. All they ask are low light and enough water to keep their leaves from drooping.

The spider plant is ideal if you’re looking for something that purifies the air, thrives on neglect and outdoes Cirque du Soleil’s wild-child aerial antics. Provide it with low to medium light and distilled water every ten to 14 days. That’s all the care it needs! Hang or locate it where its gracefully arching leaves make their best display. Then wait for the magical appearance of dainty white flowers and baby plants dangling from their tips!

’Rosebud’ caladium: If any plants or corporate flowers Las Vegas evoke the Strip’s neon lights better than this one, we’ve yet to see them. Its large, heart-shaped leaves boast neon-pink centers bleeding into white-speckled, deep-green borders. Best of all, it thrives in low light. Just set it on wet pebbles for extra humidity.

‘Eternal Flame‘Calathes makes our list for its simply show-stopping ornamental features. Native to the Brazilian rain-forest floor, it stands just 12 inches high and wide. Its deep green, purple-striped paddle leaves make striking counterpoints to golden-orange flowers shaped like flames.

Place ‘Eternal Flame’ on wet pebbles near an east, west or north-facing window. Water it with distilled water when the top inch of soil feels dry.

Ready to brighten up the office? Call us with an idea of what you have in mind and let us work our magic, Las Vegas style!

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