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Giving Flowers – What message are you sending?

Whether it is for a family member, loved one, or friend, giving flowers is one of life’s simplest gestures that are very largely impactful. Receiving flowers naturally radiate a sense of glowing happiness, excitement, and smiles instantly. There are different aspects of flowers to consider when giving someone flowers: colors, type of flower, name, occasion, all of which have different symbolic meanings.

Picking out the right flowers

The symbolic language of flowers has been recognized by many countries for centuries. Of course, over time the language of flowers has evolved but the importance of giving flowers for every occasion persist the same way. Sometimes picking out the right flowers to give someone can take plenty of time and consideration.. Make sure you are sending the right message with the flowers you choose! The most common way of giving flowers is as a romantic gesture. For example, a common flower given to symbolize romance and passion towards another are roses. Red roses especially create a manifestation of powerful and passionate love compared to yellow roses which symbolize a familial love and friendship, ideally used to create an atmosphere of happiness and laughter for a friend or family member.

Best flowers to send on International Women’s Day

International Women’s day is dedicated to the strides women have made in anything from business and politics to social and cultural. Today is a special day to remind women how truly special they are with flowers. Flowers are often sent on this day to show appreciation with the women in your life. The color that symbolizes this day is purple, however, you don’t need to choose that color when picking flowers to give.

There are many colors that represent strength, feminism, bold and more for women. Colors that are a good option for flowers would be:

  • Yellow- to represent friendship, trust, compassion and respect, a popular choice to show appreciation in the work environment
  • Purple- to represent elegance, grace and refinement. This can also signify an important transition, a good choice to have in your household for International Women’s Day
  • Pink- to represent romance and a deeper spectrum of love. Pink is associated with femininity with delicate and gentle connotations.
  • Blue- to represent serenity. Blue flowers create a calm atmosphere and communicates trust towards another person.

Selecting the right flower and sending the right message is important. Interpretations are everything! What are the best flowers to show appreciation towards the women in your life and what do they mean?

  • Orchids- elegant, luxurious and refinement
  • Roses- passion, strong love and romance
  • Sunflowers- to add light to someone’s day
  • Daffodils- rebirth and new beginnings
  • Irises- affection, inspiration, warmth
  • Daisies- chastity and transformation
  • Chrysanthemums- happiness and a long life




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