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How to Decide What Flowers You Need For Your Big Day

When it comes to anything related to a wedding, the bottom line comes down to the preferences of the bride and groom. Do they like it? However, in order to get to that final question, sometimes you should take a few things into consideration. Here are some factors that come into play when selecting Las Vegas wedding flowers for your big day.


The cost of different flowers can vary greatly, and you’ll have to consider this line item of your wedding budget before making a final decision. Flowers such as the alstroemeria, calla lily and carnation are beautiful, inexpensive, and easy-to-find options for bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. The amaryllis, on the other hand, is very rare and more costly, but a few can add a beautiful splash of color to an arrangement.


Nearly every flower comes with a message, history or story that gives it a particular symbolic value in its usage. If you love the hidden, or not-so-hidden, language of flowers, you may want to take this into account before choosing wedding flowers Las Vegas. Roses are commonly symbols of love and beauty. Associated with the Netherlands, the tulip represents “happy years” and “consuming love,” and the scented lily of the valley is known as “the ladder to heaven.” The Veronica flower symbolizes fidelity.

Size and Structure 

Depending on the ambiance of your special day, you’ll want to consider the size, structure and colors of your flowers carefully. For instance, the bouvardia has small blossoms that are shaped like small stars. Available in red, pink, white or peach, this delicate flower can flesh out a floral arrangement. They work well with stephanotis, which shares the same structure, yet is different enough to create a unique design.


Flowers vary a great deal when it comes to scent. Although this can be a more personal choice, the sense of smell can be a sensitive one for some people. If you love the smell of a particular type of flower, and it can contribute to the overall feeling of your day, by all means, select a favorite, strong-smelling variety. However, if certain scents bother you, steer away from those flowers, even if their appearances catches your eye. Chrysanthemums have a strong, musky odor, while stock flowers have a clove-like, spicy smell. Sunflowers, tweedias, and zinnias have no scent at all.

Once you consider all these factors and narrow down your list to a dozen or so possibilities, work with your florist to select particular designs or arrangements. Typically, floral professionals can show you samples of similar arrangements that were created for other weddings or events or even create a mock-up for you to approve before the actual wedding day.

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