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Incorporate the 2019 Pantone Color into Your Floral Needs

Living Coral, which was named the Pantone Color of the year for 2019, will make its way into weddings, events and other popular culture this upcoming year. The company selected this color as a life-affirming choice in these times of digital technology. If you want to stay with the times, here are some great ways to incorporate this featured color into your upcoming floral needs.

Cabbage Garden Rose 

This variety of rose comes in antique pink with coral highlights. These large flowers can be the focal point of a bridal bouquet, wedding centerpieces or other floral decorations. Your florist Henderson can help you source these dense, pleasantly scented blooms for your special event.

Peaches and Cream Hypericum Berries 

If you’re looking for a more delicate coral flower, consider these hypericum berries, which grow in clusters with woody stems. These blooms can be a lovely background player in a bridal bouquet or serve as the centerpiece of a coral-colored boutonniere. Associated with new beginnings, these flowers are perfect for weddings.

Salmon Pink Roses 

An affordable coral rose option, this flower offers coral blooms that fade into a pinker or a more orange hue, depending on the exact shade you’re looking for. Salmon roses work well with lavender aster and lily grass.

Snapdragon Orange Sorbet Flower 

More unusual in appearance, these blooms have a tall shape with a dozen wispy flowers climbing vertically. They would be beautiful flowers Las Vegas, used as a bunched bouquet or work well in a vase for any event. Snapdragons are associated with graciousness as well as fascination.

Coral Peony Flowers 

These blooms are shaped like bells with oval petals, which makes them stand out from other peony varieties. Coral peonies add vibrant texture and can be used with other peonies or ranunculus.

Coral Reef Gerbera Daisy Flower 

If you’re going for a more tropical theme, you need to consider the coral reef gerbera daisy. This large daisy-shaped flower delivers everything its name promises and can be paired with other tropical-colored bloom for choice wedding flowers Las Vegas.

Godetia Flowers 

These lovely flowers have several blooms on each stem with coral-colored petals. They can stand alone in a simple wedding bouquet or serve as a backdrop to another more prominent flower. Known as a love flower, the goditia symbolizes sincerity and fascination.

Pink Coral Reef Airbrushed Spider Mum 

Resembling an exploding firework, these coral mums add personality and texture to any bouquet. Each stem features a single bloom with a bulb center.

Gladiolus Salmon Pink Flower 

This flower is on the lighter side with a long stem, making it ideal for arm-length bouquets. Known for representing sincerity and generosity, these flowers are unique for centerpieces, bouquets or other arrangements.

Party Peach Dahlia Flower 

The Party Peach Dahlia features large, round flowers that have a darker base with a softer shade near the edges of the flowers. Use them in a bridal bouquet with pink or lavender blooms to make a chic statement.

Blooming Coral Quince Branches 

If you’re going for a more rustic look, try these blooming branches. With delicate flowers, these branches come in different lengths, providing an excellent way to create a unique centerpiece.

Coral Orange Enhanced Baby’s Breath 

When most people think of baby’s breath, they think of delicate white flowers. To take advantage of the coral color of the year, try these coral orange varieties as a gentle highlight to any floral arrangement. Baby’s breath symbolizes long-lasting love and is used in many wedding bouquets.

Coral Dyed Carnations 

The beauty of carnations is that they can be dyed pretty much any shade or hue. If you love these simple, popular and affordable flowers, consider dying them coral to take advantage of the color of the year. Carnations of the coral shade represent undying love.

Coral Brain Celosia Flowers 

These celosia flowers come in a range of hues near coral and can swirl together to create a beautiful scalloped bouquet. They work well on their own or with a variety of other flowers.

Vanda Orchids Coral Orange 

For a unique statement, consider these beautiful coral orchids for your wedding bouquet or special event. These blooms don a large, unique petal shape that stands out in a wide variety of floral arrangements.

Coral-Colored Petals 

Don’t forget to incorporate coral into your rose petal choices for guests to toss at the newly married couple or to scatter around the reception tables as an added decoration detail. Many petals have a soft feel and lovely fragrance, adding to the overall ambiance of your wedding or event.

Coral-Colored Accessories 

Add coral to your other decorations and wedding items including ribbons, baskets, vases, placeholders, cake and gift table. Coral accessories serve to highlight beautiful coral-shaded flowers, making the Pantone color of the year jump throughout your wedding or special event.

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