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Keep Your Floral Bouquet Alive Longer with These Easy Tricks

There’s nothing quite like fresh cut flowers to brighten up a room with its bright colors and sweet fragrances. Although many people expect cut flowers to have a short life, your florist can provide some special food or tips to help. Here are some other easy tricks you can try with common household items.

Basic Hygiene

The first step in keeping your cut flowers alive as long as possible is by keeping the vase and water as clean as possible. Wash your vase with soap and water. Be sure you rinse out all the soap and then place the flowers in fresh water each day.

A Little Trimming and Pruning

The second step is to make sure you remove any dead blooms or leaves as soon as possible from the cut flowers. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut the stems at a 45-degree angle. Do this in the water each day. This trimming helps provide more surface area for the flower to draw up fresh water.

Food and Nourishment

If your flowers had not been cut, they would be pulling nutrients from the soil. To replace that as much as possible, you can add florist food that can be purchased or simply put some sugar or leftover soda in your fresh water each day.

Keep Bacteria at Bay

Besides basic hygiene and nourishment, you’ll want to hold off as much bacteria growth as possible. To boost the antibacterial quality of the water, you don’t need anything special. A crushed aspirin does the trick nicely. You can also add one-quarter of a teaspoon of vodka, apple cider vinegar or bleach to the water to achieve the same bacterial-fighting effect. Placing a copper penny in the vase will also discourage bacterial growth.

Find a Healthy Environment

Try to keep your cut flowers away from drafts, heating or cooling systems, fans and direct sunlight, which can all stress your flowers and cause them to wilt faster than you would like. You’ll also want to keep them away from fruit and other plants, which can release ethylene that can cause flowers to die early. Appliances such as computers, washers, dryers, and televisions give off heat and can dry out flowers quickly. Keep your flowers and vases off their surfaces and away from their heat to lengthen their life.

Preserve Flowers’ Appearance

Although hair spray won’t help the health of cut flowers, it can preserve their appearance for a more extended period. Directly spray the undersides of the petals and leaves from about a foot away. The hair spray will lock in the moisture and keep your flowers looking beautiful.

All these tricks are simple and easy to do. They also involve everyday items that you can find around most homes, which saves you money and hassle. The next time you receive flowers Las Vegas, select one item from each of these tips to try. You will be surprised at the longevity you will add to your fresh bouquet.

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