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Although you may have never heard daffodils talk or roses speaking, flowers are definitely communicating.  Flowers are the ultimate way to convey every type of message you can think of.  They smell great, are beautiful, fresh, and have limitless variability which is what makes them so adaptable to your specific occasion.  If you want to send someone a special message, sending them flowers from a Las Vegas florist is the best way to go.

           People know that different flowers have adapted different meanings and they will be anxious to Google it up when they receive their arrangement. Be creative and sincere in your selections but be careful as you don’t want to send the wrong message. The last thing you want is for their Google search to bring up unintended meanings to your relationship.  So be sure to do your research and check out the following suggestions for different occasions.

            For a birthday, use brightly colored flowers that exude happiness.  Mums are a great choice because they come in many different colors and have a fun, round shape to them.  Sunflowers are also good because they are big and yellow and they bring back memories of childhoods, warmth and being in the outdoors.  Combine the mums and sunflowers with blue delphiniums and purple aster flowers and you will have a fun birthday bouquet that everybody will love.

            To congratulate someone, a Las Vegas florist might recommend bells of Ireland because they have long been thought of as a symbol of good luck. Other great flowers to say congratulations are the bird of paradise and the Chinese/Japanese lanterns.  The bird of paradise stands for joy and happiness, Chinese/Japanese lantern represent good fortune and blessing.

To say “I love you,” red roses are the best.  Yes, they are a little bit clichéd, but they truly do work.  Most women are suckers for the romantic scenes they see in Hollywood movies of rose pedal lined hallways leading to a room covered in red and white rose pedals.  If roses are not your cup of tea, a few alternatives can be red carnations, chrysanthemums, and altheas.

            If, on the other hand, your goal is to apologize to someone, daffodils, white chrysanthemums, or purple hyacinths are the best choice.  The mixture of the darker color with the white say “I’m sorry and I want to make up.” To be extra diligent about your message making the right impression, be sure to include a note that explains your apology.

            Friendship flowers could be one of the trickiest arrangements to pick out as one flower family can send a few completely different messages.  The key to a friendship arrangement is to have the relationship clear between you and your friend before sending the flowers.  You can also never go wrong with including a small card with your message.

            Regardless of the situation, flowers have always been a great way to send that special message.  A Las Vegas florist can assist you in picking out just the right arrangement. The best florist Las Vegas trusts is Flowers of the Field, a floral boutique located on 9480 S. Eastern Avenue #180.   Stop by and get their advice in choosing the best flower arrangement for you. (702) 263-3256


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