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Flower Arrangements

Our Favorite Arrangements

It’s always a perfect time to send flowers to friends and family. Let’s narrow down the best arrangements perfect for any occasion! Visit your Las Vegas Florist and get your summer arrangements. These are our favorites here at Flowers of the Field:

Carnival of Color

The Carnival of Color is an arrangement of a dozen multi-colored roses. Roses have always been a staple of care and passion, being used by the Greeks and Romans to express love and loyalty. Aphrodite, or Venus, the goddess of love is strongly associated with the typical rose. And in the early Christian era, the Virgin Mary became the next symbol tied with the rose.

The roses in our arrangement draw from these long histories and traditions while adding color to modernize the rose. The yellows, oranges, and pinks add a bit of happiness to the roses. They are perfect to send to your family, friends and loved ones. Add a thoughtful and caring note and you’ll meet the poetic expressions of love by Shakespeare and Gertrude Stein.

Irresistible Orchid

The orchid’s history dates back all the way to traditional Chinese medicine, in which those suffering from coughs and lung illnesses would use the flower to cure themselves. Orchids, for a time, were tied to virility and male fertility, so ancient Greek women would eat the flowers in hopes of bearing a son. The orchid has also found its use in Aztec culture and as far as during the Victorian era.

Our displays of white orchids won’t cure illness, but they will certainly brighten a space with qualities of refinement, thoughtfulness, and a mature charm. The Irresistible Orchid can be sent to loved ones to gift your best wishes with a clean arrangement of beautiful flowers.

Perfect Love Bouquet

The Perfect Love Bouquet is the best gift to show your desire and passion for your significant other. The reds, pinks, and whites are all deeply rooted in care. Our arrangements of roses, stargazer lilies, and other florals go above and beyond the traditional dozen roses while sticking to the loving tradition of reds and whites.

Stargazer lilies are young, bold, beautiful, and dramatic, just like the passion shared between two lovers. White florals symbolize purity and harmony, and the traditional red roses celebrate love. Altogether, the Perfect Love Bouquet is, literally, a perfect expression of your love.

Thinking of You

The perfect gift for when there is no occasion, but someone is still special to you, is our Thinking of You arrangement. Its bright and powerful colors let that person know you really care, and it will help to bring life to their home. Each time they see this stunning bouquet, they will be reminded just how special they are to you.

The bowl for the flowers is lined with leaves and river rocks, to give the wide arrangement of blossoms a soft and kind base. That special person will never forget such a beautiful arrangement.

Dozen Gerbera Daisies

If you want to send someone the gift of cheer, our arrangement of a Dozen Gerbera Daisies is a perfect choice. Coming from the daisy family, these flowers convey innocence and purity. Gerbera daisies, specifically, are a celebration of cheerfulness. They are large flowers, averaging 7 inches across. Their size and color, coming in reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, and light purples, are what define the positive aura surrounding these blossoms.

Gifting this arrangement to a loved one will surely brighten their day. They are another way of saying Thinking of You, but they are great for when someone is feeling down, too.


We hope the rich histories and meanings of these flowers prove to you just how amazing these bouquets are for all your floral needs.

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