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Send Flowers to Las Vegas | Flowers of the Field

It is now easier than ever to send flowers to Las Vegas family members or friends. Sending flowers is a simple way to express many feelings from birthday wishes to get well sentiments.  Sending flowers can easily become an expensive luxury that is harder to afford.  However, if you are also looking for a company with cheap flower delivery Las Vegas can always count on, call Flowers of the Field, A Floral Boutique.

red and white rose bouquet

            Florists at Flowers of the Field, A Floral Boutique are experts in their craft and the beauty of their arrangements will strike you instantly. They will assist you in creating the perfect arrangement for whatever sentiment you are trying to get across.  If you want to send flowers to Las Vegas family and friends and feel you can’t afford it in these tougher times, keep reading for some advice.

            Sending flowers doesn’t have to break your bank.  For example, traditionally, to tell someone that you love them you would send them a dozen red roses in a beautiful glass vase. This 12-red roses arrangement has been shown in Hollywood movies so many times that it is almost considered just a little bit ‘corny.”  On the other hand, sending them a single red rose is not only a budget conscious alternative, but a much more subtle and romantic way of conveying the same message.

            Another budget friendly option is to specifically ask for “day old flowers.”  Most florists will have a section in their shop of flower arrangements that are a day old but just as beautiful as the fresh ones.  The best part is that these “day old flowers” are usually sold with a considerably nice discount.

            If you are planning an extravagant affair that includes lots of fresh flowers, ask your local florist if they offer wholesale discounts.  Sometimes, the more you buy the better the deal gets.  Also consider matching your event date with the right flower seasons.  Believe it or not, flower prices fluctuate tremendously depending on the season.  If you have your event during the same time that the flowers you want are abundant, you will end up saving lots of money.

            Lastly, if feel the cheap flower delivery Las Vegas residents are using is simply not cheap enough, then save yourself the most money by picking up the flowers and delivering them yourself.

            Times are definitely tougher now than they have been in the past but don’t let this economy stop you from wanting to send flowers to Las Vegas friends and family.  Use one of the alternatives listed above and contact Flowers of the Field, A Floral Boutique for their money saving advice. They will be able to create a masterpiece that will fit in just about any budget.


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