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Summer Date Ideas

Summer Date Ideas

Having a regular weekly date night with your partner is important, no matter what stage in your relationship you’re in! Whether it be your first date or your 50th, fun dates keep the flame sparked and you can find new ways to reconnect and ultimately create lasting memories! Summer opens so many doors to date ideas!

Looking for a great date idea for the summer? Here are 5 tips to help you plan something fun and creative for your next date!

Outdoor Picnics

Picnics are such an old-fashioned yet romantic date idea. Pick your favorite setting whether it be a park, a lake or even right at home in your backyard or perhaps inside under a blanket fort. If you are feeling crafty, you may consider getting creative with the things that go on your picnic display such as:
1. A vase of flowers, roses if you are going for a romantic setting.
2. Mason Jars with a ribbon tied around & a lime or orange slice attached at the top, with colorful straws.
3. A comfy blanket and maybe a few throw pillows.
4. A candle if you are doing this during an evening setting.

Drive-In Movies

There is no better time than the summer to go on endless movie dates! Whether you watch it in a theater or go to a drive-in movie, movie nights are a great go-to option. When going to see a movie in a theater, you may consider picking up your date the old-fashioned way and surprising them with an arrangement of flowers! Roses, tulips or even a mix of different summer flowers are great gifts to welcome a fun a night.
If you are looking more towards going to a drive-in movie, don’t forget the essentials!
1. TONS of blankets and pillows
2. Movie snacks and drinks
3. Some flowers for decoration

Dinner Date at home

Some nights, you just want to stay in rather than going out and getting all dolled up! Take a trip to the grocery store, pick out some key dinner favorites, and make it a date to cook together in the kitchen! Dinner dates at home are perfect for you and your partner to sit together and have fun cooking together for a change. You may even try a new recipe together and learn as you go!
Set up the table with table decorations such as a candle to create ambiance and flower arrangements to complement the utensils and placemat set-up! To end the night, pour a glass of wine and cheers to a fun and successful night!

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