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Summer Weddings Blog

Summer Wedding Flower Inspiration

Summer is one of the most popular seasons for having a wedding, especially outdoor events. The weather is warm and welcoming, schools and colleges are closed, and people are in the mood to enjoy the outdoors.

A beautiful summer wedding is vibrant with a lively atmosphere, color, and sunlight. Flowers in their full bloom and bright colors are a natural part of such an atmosphere. Whether you’re a bride looking for wedding décor flowers or a guest who wants to gift flowers, it’s important to consider the options carefully.

Summer Season Flowers

Seasonal flowers aren’t just easier to source but are also unique and beautiful. There are dozens of varieties to choose from and you don’t just need to stick with the traditional options. You can choose something fun and interesting, which adds a special meaning to your wedding. Here’s a look at some of the best summer flowers for weddings:

•Button Chrysanthemums – Button mums are small flowers that work well in fresh arrangements. They come in green, white, bright yellow, purple, and similar colors, and can fill any arrangement.

•Anemone – Anemone flowers grow in temperate climates and are great additions to any arrangement. They are bright, colorful, and beautifully simple. The most popular colors are yellow, white, purple, and pink.

•Viburnum – These are small clusters of pretty white, pink, red flowers that are ideal for filling up an arrangement. The small buds are tightly packed and form little globes.

•Calla Lily – Calla Lilies are elegant tube-shaped flowers that can stand out in any arrangement. They don’t require much adornment, which makes them an ideal choice for people who like understated beauty.

•Craspedia – Craspedias are unique and eye-catching. They are small, bright, and fluffy yellow globe-shaped flowers that look stunning in different types of arrangements. Florists in Las Vegas recommend them for rustic-theme weddings.

•Yellow Gerbera – Gerberas are bright flowers and yellow is a bright, summery color. That makes this option a great choice for a summer wedding. Yellow gerberas are versatile enough to fit into all kinds so themes.

•Phalaenopsis Orchid – If you have chosen an elegant and modern wedding theme, this flower is an ideal choice. It is very dramatic in a minimalist way, which makes it an excellent centerpiece. It can also be a great addition to a bridal bouquet.

•Oncidium Orchid – These are small, quirky flowers that can be arranged in a cluster. Ideal for whimsical weddings with a summer theme because they are bright, colorful, and a little strange at the same time.

•Poppy – Poppies are bright, big, and impactful, which makes them very visible in different arrangements. They usually come in vivid, orangish red color, but you can find soft pink or purple poppies too. These are great in minimalist arrangements and décor because they add a hint of sophistication.

Other popular summer flowers for weddings include geraniums, snapdragon, spider chrysanthemum, sunflower, delphinium, iris, Fiji chrysanthemum, green trick, Jacobs ladder, green hydrangea, green rose, and zinnias.

How to Choose Summer Flowers for A Wedding

Most people choose flowers based on their appearance and the wedding theme, but putting more thought into the purchase can be beneficial. Here’s a look at some of the factors to consider when buying flowers:

•Set a Budget – If you’re buying flowers for your wedding, it’s a good idea to set a reasonable budget in advance. It will include the cost of flowers used in the décor, as centerpieces, and in the bridal bouquet. Couples often spend around 7% to 8% of their wedding budget on flowers. One of the biggest advantages in an outdoor summer wedding is that you don’t need to spend that much.

•Wedding Theme – The wedding theme is also an important consideration during this process. You don’t want to get flowers that might clash with the décor and theme of the wedding. You can choose a particular color palette for consistency. For example, if your wedding theme has warm colors and tones, you can choose warm red, yellow, orange, and salmon colored flowers.

•Flower Language – This refers to the message that different kinds of flowers portray. It can add a special meaning to your arrangement and wedding décor. Most florists in Las Vegas understand flower language and will help you choose the best option for your wedding; you just need to tell them what the message should be.

•Get Inspiration – It’s not enough to just look at pictures of flowers, you need to see how they fit into the environment. For example, a flower might look quite pretty up close but appear bland in wedding photographs. Browse through websites like Pinterest or search on Google to see wedding photographs with different kinds of flowers. This will give you a better idea of what to expect.

•Fragrance – Some summer flowers have a beautiful fragrance that can fill the air during the wedding. This is a better alternative to burning scented candles or using chemical air fresheners. If you want a sweet, natural, and subtle fragrance in the air, invest in fragrant flowers.

With a little planning, you can set a great tone for your wedding and create a vibrant atmosphere. An experienced florist in Las Vegas will provide all the assistance needed during the planning process.

Wedding Flowers as Gifts

If you plan to give the new couple a wonderful bouquet on the wedding day, consider a pretty summer flower arrangement based on the factors mentioned above. While the wedding theme isn’t very important while making a gift bouquet, things like color, type of flower, flower language, and appearance can make a difference.

It’s a good idea to pay special attention to flower language because that’s a great way to personalize a bouquet. Choose flowers that convey an intimate and meaningful message. You can add a card explaining that message to the couple so they can understand the intent behind the gift.

If you explain the wedding theme, message, and budget to an experienced Las Vegas florist, they will recommend the best options. They will also take your personal preferences into consideration when they create arrangements.

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