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Sympathy Flowers Las Vegas

The arrangement of flowers has a long, storied history, marching proudly into today’s many uses of the flower both for decoration and decorum.  From the time of the Ancient Egyptians entombing their mummified dead, sympathy flowers have been used to celebrate and honor those who have passed away.  Delicate arrangements in stately vases have been pictured among the hieroglyphs of burial houses.  “Sesen” is the hieroglyph for the lotus flower, a symbol of the sun and of creation and rebirth; the flower closes and sinks into the water at night, returning to the next day’s sun.  There are even anthropological findings of long-decomposed bouquets inside of the sarcophagi of the dead.  Flowers then were chosen primarily for symbolic meaning; those blooms favored by the gods were favored for display as well.  By the time of the Greeks and Romans, flowers were no longer just a way of honoring the dead, but also a trophy – such as the crown of laurel leaves – presented to winning athletes and conquering armies.  The Ancient Chinese approached flower arrangement differently; Buddhism venerates life above all else, so Chinese flower arrangements were sparing as apropos.  Instead of many cut flowers, Chinese flower arranging centered on carvings and paintings of flowers.

Tradition is proudly carried on by the wonderful flower shops Henderson houses.  Since Victorian times, flowers have taken on meanings, sometimes varying even according to color!  The lotus retains its meanings of purity and chastity, while the many incarnations of the rose have been delineated.  Red for love, yellow for friendship, pink for grace.  The iris still brings glad tidings; the peony, the “king of flowers,” still symbolizes wealth and good fortune.  In addition to the many nuances of flower meanings, each month has since become associated with a flower, akin to the birth stone.  More specifically, each day of the year is assigned a “birth flower.”  Even each of the 50 states has adopted a flower as its own.

Flowers are not just for life’s bittersweet moments.  Celebration of unions call for the best wedding florist Las Vegas knows.  Historically, flower arrangements in weddings were less ornamental.  Whereas today the bridal march is preceded by a flower girl, ancient weddings used fragrant herbs instead of delicate, colorful petals.  The Ancient Roman bride and groom’s bouquet and boutonnière, respectively, were actually aromatic garlands of garlic, worn in hopes of warding off evil spirits; dill, to represent the lust between husband and wife; and sage, to encourage wisdom in the young union.

Whether seeking an arrangement of sympathy flowers or a delicate bouquet over which to say your most heartfelt “I do,” the best florist Las Vegas has is Flowers of the Field. (702) 263-3256


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