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The Best Flowers To Bring To Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is just around the corner, and whether you’re cooking and hosting or attending another party as an honored guest, the best way to brighten up the table is with some beautiful fall flowers. Here are some flowers Las Vegas that are in season now, and ideas for making these Thanksgiving floral arrangements look beautiful.


Consider the Texture and Color

For a fall holiday like Thanksgiving, selecting the right colors and textures for your centerpiece will make a mediocre decoration into a spectacular one. Many foliage options with orange, yellow, green and brown hues are available, and you can easily find some unique textures among fall flowers such as red Mokara orchids, amber Football mums, and green antique hydrangea. Branches and berries can make excellent accents in a Thanksgiving centerpiece.


Use Greenery for a Subtle Decoration

If you are looking for something a bit understated, try green plants with an assortment of candles instead of flowers. They can either be placed on the table among your dishes or around the outskirts of the room.


Get a Good View

Although you may want a fancy centerpiece that all your guests can admire, be sure not to select something so large that people cannot see one another to talk with them over the meal. If you find some fall decor you can’t live without, you may want to simply move it to a side table during the meal itself.


Experimenting Can Give You Surprising Results

By combining flowers that don’t typically go together along with oak branches, thistle, and brunia, you can create some very unusual and striking combinations. Seasonal flowers to consider include Caraluna garden roses, Vanda orchids, and anemones.


Cluster Flowers for Variety

Consider grouping your flowers by color and creating a variety within your table decor. You can use the containers, ribbons or similar hues to maintain the consistency component of your Thanksgiving centerpiece.


Herbs and Fruit Add to the Ambiance

What better way to add to the Thanksgiving ambiance than to incorporate some fresh thyme or mint into your floral centerpiece? The fragrance will complement the rich, warm, classic colors of the autumn flowers. Or, if you prefer fall fruits, try incorporating some dates and persimmons instead.


Use What’s Available Outside

Although you might want to select some beautiful autumn flowers from your florist Las Vegas, don’t forget to add a personal touch by incorporating what is in your own yard. Collect some colorful red, yellow, green and orange leaves as accents to the table, find branches from your own trees, or harvest something from the garden to add to the centerpiece.


Many ideas are available online and with your florist that can help you add to the memories of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

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