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This is How We Design Beautiful Centerpieces

If you find yourself admiring beautiful floral centerpieces at weddings, parties or other events but can’t seem to place a few flowers in a vase attractively, here are some tips that might help.

Begin By Soaking Flowers 

When you gently place your flowers into water, the water can saturate every part of the bloom, stems, and leaves. As a result, you’ll be able to have a long-lasting centerpiece.

Use Crowning Glory 

Once you’ve soaked your flowers, spray them with Crowning Glory, which is a special wax that seals all that moisture into the flowers, extending the arrangement’s life.

Fight Wilting with Alum 

If you include hydrangeas in your centerpiece, you can dip the cut stems into alum powder, which is easily found at the grocery store’s spice section.

Help Mother Nature in Opening Buds 

If you have buds that you would prefer to be open, simply dip them first in warm water and then in cold. This trick will help speed up the budding process in time for your centerpiece creation.

Trim Stems at an Angle and Submerged in Water 

To help flowers absorb water more effectively, you can cut stems at an angle and underwater. The angled cut will open a larger area for the flowers to take in the water, helping to lengthen their fresh appearance.

Think of a Grid 

Consider overlapping your flower stems in both a vertical and horizontal nature, which allows you to create a grid and place flowers at an attractive angle around your entire container. For low containers and short vases, this will help distribute your blooms more evenly for a centerpiece look.

Eliminate Foliage Below Water Line 

As you arrange your flowers, be sure no leaves or foliage is submerged in the container of water. Only stems should have access to water; otherwise, leaves can cause flowers to wilt prematurely.

Remove Stamens 

One trick to prolong the life of lily flowers within your centerpiece is to remove the stamens, which are the pollen-holding centerpieces inside the center of the bloom.

Use Floral Tools to Help 

Be sure to take advantage of floral wire, foam balls and even items like chicken wire to help hold your flowers in place. This is especially helpful if you are transporting your floral arrangements from one place to another. Foam balls can not only help keep blooms steady, but they can help ensure that moisture stays present without a lot of extra water to spill.

Use a Color Wheel 

If you don’t have a knack for knowing which colors work well together, use a color wheel to help. Many related tools can help you match flowers with foliage and other blooms to make an attractive centerpiece. You can also consult your florist Henderson for tips and assistance.

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