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Tips for Designing Your Wedding Bouquet

Although a seemingly small part of a wedding in the grand scheme of venues, dresses, meals and music, your wedding bouquet is a very special and personal component of your special day. It may be one of the few things you will actually be able to preserve and keep for years to come. Here are some tips for designing your own wedding bouquet.


Flower Selection

The first step in designing your own bouquet is to select the perfect wedding flowers Las Vegas for the job. If this is your first time working with flowers, select ones that are hardy as well as flexible in designs such as lilies, roses, carnations, and peonies. Fancy, delicate, hard-to-care-for flowers should be avoided. You may want to check with your florist about whether flowers are delivered as buds or in bloom and plan your bouquet accordingly.


Cheater Tips

If you love the look of a particular type of flower, your florist may be able to recommend a less expensive look-a-like or one that is easier to work within a do-it-yourself bouquet. Be sure to take advantage of your florist’s knowledge and guidance in flower selection even if you want to design your own bouquet.


Simple, But Beautiful

Many bouquets can use hardy, forgiving flowers in a simple way to still be lovely without being overly complicated. You may want to select one main flower with a few smaller accent flowers and greenery. Although you can find some tips online, your florist may be able to give you some suggestions as well when you place your order.


Practice and Prepare

Be sure to practice making your bouquet before the big day. To save money, you can pick up cheaper, similarly sized flowers on sale at the grocery store for the dry runs. Once you place your order for your actual bouquet flowers, be sure you take the time to trim and prep them before assembling the blooms. Obtain sharp shears, floral tape, pins, and ribbons so the assembly process goes smoothly and quickly.


Professional Tips

Decide whether you want to start with an exterior frame of foliage and work your way to the center or choose a main centerpiece flower and work your way around it. Arrange your bouquet in front of a mirror so you can see how it will come together and appear to guests and photographers. Be sure you’re happy with the result and leave some longer stems so that you can keep the bouquet in water without spoiling the ribbons.


If you’re ready to design your own bouquet, order flowers Henderson and get those creative juices flowing. The experience and memories in putting together such a special part of your wedding will be yours for years to come.

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