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Tips for Planning a Corporate Holiday Party

Tis the season to be merry and jolly. If you’re in charge of planning the big corporate party this year, here are some tips on doing so successfully.

#1 Incorporate Flowers

There’s nothing like fresh flowers to liven up a corporate setting, whether you’re holding your gathering in a conference room or renting out space at a local restaurant or hotel. Selecting flowers that are in season can help ensure you get long-lasting, fresh blooms that will put everyone in the holiday spirit. Talk with your florist Henderson to help you make great choices.

#2 Consider a Sit-Down Meal 

Contrary to popular belief, a plated menu can actually be less expensive than a serve-yourself buffet. Being served at a table can also raise the elegance bar of the event as well. The only challenge may be in meeting dietary restrictions of some employees.

#3 Set an Appropriate Time

This time of year is busy for everyone so you may want to plan the party for the lunch hour instead of a weekend or evening. If you celebrate over a longer lunch hour, customer-critical employees may be able to take shifts and still enjoy the festivities.

#4 Establish Alcohol Rules and Limits

Alcohol has a way of creating a potentially awkward situation at corporate parties. If you decide to serve it during your event, be sure employees understand expectations and limits.

#5 Assign a Planning Team

It never fails that someone in the office would consider it a fun and challenging activity to plan the holiday party. Give the task to those people who would enjoy the process, and be sure to take a few non-essential tasks off their list so they have time to do a good job.

#6 Consider an Alternative

If there are simply too many parties, perhaps with vendors and customers, you may want to choose to move your celebration to an off-season to show appreciation for your employees. Or, you can use this time of year to conduct a special volunteer project to help and serve those less fortunate in your community.

#7 Establish Behavior Expectations

It’s never a bad idea to share some communication about the expected behavior at these holiday parties. For instance, if you’re only inviting employees, there may be a more relaxed atmosphere. However, if you choose to include customers or business partners, you may want to keep the party environment more formal.

#8 Rely on Outside Assistance

Whether you’re tapping into the ideas of a florist Las Vegas or talking with a popular local caterer, relying on holiday service providers can help the planning go much more smoothly. Although it may cost a bit more, having someone outside the company manage some of the details can relieve the stress of putting on a corporate holiday party.


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