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Tips for Preserving Flowers After Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Besides all those moments you’ll never forget, be sure to keep a few things that can always remind you of your special day. Although many brides may traditionally preserve their bouquet, here are some unique and creative ways to hold onto those beautiful flowers for the long run.

Victorian Art

By taking apart your bouquet and preserving some of the flowers with a silica gel, you can combine these blossoms with photos and other mementos from your wedding into a piece of Victorian-style framed art.

Freeze-Dried Bouquet

Unlike pressing flowers, you can also preserve your bouquet in its unpressed form with silica gel and a freeze-drying technique. These dried flowers are perfect for displaying in glass boxes, tabletop domes, or ornaments. Arrange them into a beautiful shadow box with their original ribbons to create a piece of art.

Flower Petal Jewelry

Check out companies online that create custom jewelry from flower petals. These businesses make jewelry beads out of flower petals and then create custom bracelets, rings, earrings or other jewelry from them. Another idea is to use the dried petals inside a locket or pendant.

Cellphone Case Cover

This technique can work on a variety of items, but cellphone cases may be one of the easiest and most popular. Simply dry your bouquet flower petals and then arrange them to cover the inside of your cellphone case. Glue them down and coat with a transparent resin to create a custom look that’s always with you.

Dried Flower Wreath

After drying and preserving your flowers, attach them to a metal wire wreath form with hot glue and add some greenery. Display your wreath during the week of your anniversary or even year-round to remember your special day.

Simply Frame Them

If you’re looking for a simple yet beautiful way to display your wedding flowers, dry out the petals using a silica gel to preserve the colors, place them on a card stock backing and place a glass cover over the design. Frame the entire creation, and you have a beautiful, meaningful piece of art. Arrange them into a special monogram design for an extra unique touch.

Share the Beauty

If you’re not particularly sentimental about your bouquet or floral arrangements, don’t just throw them away. Instead, donate them to a hospital, nursing home, or food bank so that others can enjoy their beauty. Or, if you were missing special loved ones during your wedding day, consider placing your flowers on their graves as a special remembrance of them.

Reward Your Guests

Share your wedding flowers with your special guests by incorporating them into your reception entertainment as prizes. Work with your florist Henderson on integrating disposable vases so you can give away an entire arrangement.

Use them as Farewell Shower

Although many brides will purchase flower petals for guests to throw as they leave their reception, you can elicit your wedding party to strip your flower arrangements and have guests use your flowers to shower you with love and good wishes.

Drying Details

Several different techniques can be used to dry your flowers. Select the one that suits your lifestyle the best and then get creative!

* Hairspray. Using hairspray to preserve your flowers is easy and inexpensive since you may already have some hairspray in your home. Hold the spray a few inches away from your bouquet and spritz conservatively. Be sure not to soak them. Then, hang them, bottom-up, to finish the process.

* Old-Fashioned Pressing. Perhaps the oldest flower preservation method, pressing flowers between heavy books using parchment or wax paper takes lots of patience. Be sure your flowers are still fresh to capture the best color. It may take a week or two, but once they are done, they can be used in a variety of ways.

* Silica Gel. If you’re serious about doing something out of the ordinary with your bouquet, invest in some silica gel from a local craft shop. Just fill an airtight container with the gel and place the flowers you want preserved inside for a week. When you remove them, they can be used in homemade art or as a beautiful display.

* Air-Drying. The easiest way to dry your flowers is to hang them upside down and place them in a dark closet for several weeks. The blossoms will naturally dry out, and then you can use them in creative projects to showcase them in your home.

For more ideas or professional assistance with our wedding flowers Las Vegas, call your local florist. These professionals can help you select the perfect bouquets and floral centerpieces for your special day as well as help you find great ways to preserve them afterward.

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