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Did You Know: There are Specific Flowers for Specific Anniversaries

In 1994, the global floral industry broke the $100 billion mark. As is evidenced by the high volume of sales, flowers are a popular commodity! And for a good reason – even the simplest bouquet conveys care, appreciation, and thoughtfulness. But flowers are also full of meaning and symbolism. Therefore, getting the right kind of flowers for an anniversary is important. These flowers are ideal choices for a proper celebration.


Carnations are vibrant, colorful, and vivacious. They have represented love and passion for years. Given their youthful spirit, carnations are a top choice for newlyweds. They are also a great option if you’re looking for a gift to honor a first marriage anniversary. The first year of a marriage is often considered to be a “golden” time in a couple’s life, which makes cheerful carnations a very fitting choice.


If you’re looking for an anniversary gift after several years of marriage, a Henderson florist might start by suggesting cosmos. Cosmos are more complex than carnations. Their deeper colors and complexity symbolizes understanding and learning. Those facets of marriage are inevitably what follows the honeymoon phase of a marriage when couples learn what entails a marriage and begin to grow individually and as a couple.


Sunflowers are a natural option to celebrate a cheery occasion. They’re popular “get well” flowers and are often presented at birthdays and retirement parties, too. Although they might not be the first flower you associate with love, a florist will say that sunflowers are a great choice for a third wedding anniversary. Sunflowers have strong stalks and large, bright yellow flowers. The sturdy stalk represents a marriage built on a strong foundation. The golden-yellow flowers indicate radiant love and passion. Among all flowers Las Vegas that you can choose for a wedding anniversary, sunflowers are among the most beautiful when compiled into a bouquet. If you’re planning to give the gift of sunflowers, be sure to choose ones that are recently picked to ensure the brightest color and freshest scent.


After several years together, a couple’s marriage might appear to be losing momentum. The monotony of daily life sets in, and routine becomes the norm. But the daisy, with its complex texture and bright colors, symbolizes an underlying complexity and intrigue that brings new life into any situation. Quite fittingly, the daisy represents “eternal love.” It means that four or five years into a marriage, couples still have plenty left to experience and explore.


Of all the wedding flowers, daffodils might be the most underrated. Solo daffodils are small and might not make a bold first impression. But when grouped into a bouquet, they produce a stunning effect. Therefore, a collection of daffodils represents a fusion of life’s elements. In the context of a marriage anniversary, it represents the collection of small memories and triumphs into one extraordinary larger life. If you’re looking for an excellent 10th-anniversary gift, ask your local Henderson florist about arranging a bouquet of daffodils.

Roses and Violets

Roses are the #1 flower in the world for embodying love. They come in many different colors and species, which in turn gives them a unique meaning. Red roses in particular signal an undying love. They’re appropriate for any wedding anniversary, but they’re especially appreciated at the 50-year mark. For an extra-special bouquet, combine them with violets to symbolize the harmonious union of two different people.

There are thousands of flowers in the world that you can give to someone to show appreciation. But when it comes to celebrating an anniversary, there is always a “best” option for the occasion. As you start wondering what to get that special someone as an anniversary gift, ask a florist for recommendations on that perfect present.

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