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How to Use Flowers to Brighten Up Your Restaurant

Studies show it costs between $275,000 and $425,000 to operate a restaurant. About $2,000 of that amount goes into decorating alone. Each year, restaurants report spending approximately 15% more on decorating than planned. Fortunately, there is a much less expensive but equally effective solution to decorating: flowers. Flowers, which come in many shapes and sizes, add delightful color, cheer, and fragrance to your restaurant. With proper care and thoughtful planning, they also give diners a positive lasting impression.

Set the Table

Regardless of whether they’re simple and basic or extravagant, floral centerpieces enhance the ambiance and atmosphere of your dining area. They can set the mood for a romantic and intimate dining experience or add lively color to a fun and informal dining room. Flowers can also add an upscale appearance to a hip and trendy restaurant. A Henderson florist can help you select the right flowers to set the mood you want based on factors like the season, budget, and message conveyed by different species. A florist can work with you to ensure an arrangement adds charm and character to your restaurant’s tables without causing distractions.

Add Some Fruit

Creating a beautiful floral centerpiece with only flowers is a good start. But to take it up a notch, consider adding fruit to your arrangements, too. Fruit adds texture, smell, and color to a floral arrangement of any kind, regardless of whether it is a simple or elaborate centerpiece. If you need assistance, you can ask a florist about ideal fruit and flower combinations. Citrus fruit, for instance, pairs exceptionally well with roses. Take care, however, to separate ripe fruit from the flowers. Ripe fruits can actually shorten the arrangement’s lifespan.

Make it Lively

No matter what flowers you choose for a floral centerpiece, it’s essential to keep the flowers alive. Some flowers stay fresh for just a few days, while others last for up to a week. Financially, the best solution is to find flowers that live for 5-7 days. Chrysanthemums and hydrangeas are two great options. Other flowers undoubtedly make a magnificent display. However, they might not last as long. It can get expensive and time-consuming to cycle through flowers in just two or three days.

Show Your True Colors

Whether you want your centerpieces to capture the “spirit” of your restaurant or take you through the seasons, a Henderson florist can provide ideas and inspiration. Many restaurants emphasize green and white in their floral arrangements to create a timeless design. But adding a splash of color, such as using red flowers in an intimate restaurant, goes a long way in setting the mood.

Versatile and colorful, flowers are a great way to decorate your restaurant without breaking the bank. When placed at the center of a table, they add style, a welcoming ambiance, and cheer. Some even start conversations. Consult your local Las Vegas florist to get ideas, inspiration, and suggestions for a standout floral arrangement.

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