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The Flowers Every Loved One Wants For Valentine’s Day (hint hint!)

When you think of Valentine’s Day, it’s hard not to think of flowers at the same time. In fact, this February holiday is one of the busiest for your florist Las Vegas. Everyone loves to receive flowers as a token of love and appreciation from special someone. Although it’s a safe bet to select a bouquet of favorite flowers for your girlfriend, here are some varieties that carry special Valentine’s Day meanings.


Although this bloom may not come immediately to mind for Valentine’s Day, it signifies loyalty, which is a welcomed message for many girlfriends. This fast-growing plant features large, cheerful flowers that are a welcomed sight during these cold days of winter.


Available in both white and a royal shade of lavender, the lilac is a delicate and rare flower during this time of year. It carries a playful, questioning message, asking if your partner still loves you. Give this flower in a more serious relationship.


Faith and hope are what often come to mind when you think of the iris flower. Many varieties are available in different shades and colors to make a unique Valentine’s Day bouquet. These flowers are pleasing to the senses.


Not only known for its meaning of loving adoration, wildflowers are some of the most diverse and beautiful flowers available. More than 5,000 species are available, giving you the opportunity to build a truly unique flower gift for your loved one.


Not only the first sign of spring, the tulip also carries a message of perfect love. This bloom was popular in the Victorian age when red tulips signified a great way to declare your true love for someone.


These long-lasting, easy-to-find flowers come in a wide variety of colors. The different hues can carry unique messages ranging from love to friendship to a friendly greeting.


Although daisies are more commonly seen growing in yards and gardens, these flowers carry a message of innocence and purity with them. A bunch of daisies can be a lovely way to show you care, especially in a new relationship.


These blooms naturally grow in tropical areas and make a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift that conveys love and beauty. Give either a potted or cut variety to your loved one this year.


The most popular Valentine’s Day flower, the rose is a well-known symbol of love and passion. Whether you’re celebrating a brand new romance or a decades-long marriage, roses never go out of style as a way to say, “I love you.”

Be sure to contact your local florist when you’re seeking flowers Henderson this Valentine’s Day. Your florist can provide you with additional unique and meaningful gift ideas.

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