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Tips for Properly Thanking a Business Partner or Client

As a business owner, you know how tough it is to land a client or find a business partner you can count on. And you know how important it is to remind clients and partners periodically how much their support matters.

A hand-written thank-you note is always appropriate. Taking the time to write the letter yourself is a sincere gesture of sincerity. Address your client or partner by name, and briefly mention what you’re grateful for.

And if the person you’re writing to does business with dozens of other firms? Then use our tips on the best corporate gifting ideas to find a gift that will make your “Thank you!” note stands out from the rest.

Send Them Office Flowers

It doesn’t matter how big or small your client or partner’s contribution was, sending a gift of corporate flowers is a great way to show gratitude. Why?

If you’re tired of sending gifts doomed to a life in a desk drawer, flowers are a natural choice. They’ll brighten their recipient’s surroundings for days or weeks, with no danger of becoming the office dust catchers!

These cut flower varieties last between 10 days and three weeks–just long enough to create a pleasant memory.

•    Zinnias

•    Carnations

•    Cymbidium orchids

•    Delphiniums

•    Alstroemeria lilies

Flowers Are Budget Friendly

Fresh flowers let you tailor your gift to your budget. Choose more expensive blooms for long-standing clients and partners. Send more modest ones to clients at the “getting-to-know-you” stage.

Worried about flowers triggering allergies? For an allergy-friendly pop of color and form, choose:

•    Daffodils

•    Hydrangeas

•    Tulips

•    Irises

•    Zinnias

Daffodils, hydrangeas, and tulips also make great gifts as potted plants, especially in spring!

Prefer to send something more lasting than cut flowers? Then how about a desktop succulent garden? It’s entirely at home with dry office air and minimal watering.

Other Tips for Choosing Great Corporate Gifts

To come up with other great corporate gifting ideas, use your knowledge of the recipient. Chocolate- or wine-themed gift baskets would be perfect for someone with gourmet tastes. For a diabetic or teetotaler, however, they’d be non-starters.

Always choose appropriately priced gifts. Receiving something more valuable than the business he or she sends your way each year could make a client or partner uncomfortable.

Finally, spread your gift-giving throughout the year to let people know what their ongoing support means to your business. This is a smart way to ensure that your gifts are noticed–instead of being overlooked!

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