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It’s Bosses Day! 4 Flower and Plant Gift Ideas

Bosses Day was first registered with the US Chamber of Commerce back in 1958, and since then it’s been a day to recognize your boss for his or her hard work throughout the year. Celebrated on October 16th, it’s a common day to give your boss the gift of a flower or plant.

But what should you give your boss? One no-no is red roses.  Since roses symbolize romantic love, they’re not the best choice in a business relationship. A much better option is a flower that’s not associated with romance or a small potted plant that can thrive in an office environment. Here are some suggestions.


bamboo plant for bosses day

A bamboo plant is very simple and elegant and doesn’t require much care to stay healthy. Bamboo traditionally symbolizes good luck, making it a good choice for the head of your business.

Peace Lily

bosses day white peace lilly

This is a good choice for a boss you may not have the best relationship with! They do very well in the shade, even if they’re far away from the nearest window, making them a great plant for in the office. Not only do they look nice, they’re also one of the best plants for improving the air quality in a room!

Money tree

plant gift

No, this tree isn’t actually made of money! This is a larger plant, standing at 2-3 feet tall, perfect for that empty corner in your boss’s office. It symbolizes good luck and serenity, things everyone can use more of in their lives.


floral arrangement

Simple and elegant, a potted orchid flower will add a touch of beauty to any office. Since there is such a wide variety of orchid color choicesor, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your boss.

If you’d like to order one of these lovely plants for your boss and would like to make sure you get the best flower delivery in Las Vegas, contact us today for the best selection of flowers at the best price! (702) 263-3256


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