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Different Types of Cacti That Will Flourish in Your Home

The cactus, which belongs to the family “Cactaceae,” is a popular plant. Many people associate the cactus with the desert. However, it is quite versatile and grows in many places, including your home! Succulents naturally prefer hot and dry climates. Most require infrequent watering. They can also store water in their roots for later use, which helps them endure droughts. It also translates to low-maintenance plants with minimal care requirements. A florist can recommend many cacti species to brighten up your home. 

Bunny Ears 

 This cactus gets its name from two distinct bunny ear-shaped pads that rise in a V-shape from the main trunk. The “ears” of the cactus are much more fragile than the trunk, however, and should be handled carefully. This indoor plant reaches a height of 2-3 feet. It produces purple fruits and white flowers in summer. 

Chin Cactus 

 The name might not be too appealing, but this cactus makes an exciting addition to your home. It is native to South America and stands out for its hairless flower buds. This plant also grows best indoors. There are several sub-varieties within the family, too. A florist can recommend the best kind for either shade or sun. 


 The Saguaro is perhaps one of the most well-known of all cacti species. When mature, the Saguaro can reach 40 feet! It is a slow-growing plant, however, and makes a great houseplant when young. The Saguaro, which grows naturally in the Sonoran Desert, prefers full sunlight. 

Star Cactus 

 Also known as the “Sand Dollar” or “Sea Urchin” cactus, the Star cactus has a round body with eight sides. It is covered with fine white hairs and small white dots that resemble pearls. This plant produces a lovely yellow flower in spring. It is a smaller species with a maximum diameter of two to six inches, making it an excellent choice for a smaller space. 

Barrel Cactus 

 This cactus has a distinctive circular or barrel-shaped body. It is characterized by high ridges and sharp, tall spikes. There are several varieties of Barrel cactus. Each has slightly different physical characteristics. The species stands out for its colorful yellow or red flowers that emerge in May or June. 

Christmas Cactus 

 The Christmas cactus has rounded, hairless spines and tubular flowers that come in many colors, including white, orange, pink, and red. The plant is native to Brazil and typically grows living on the branches of other trees. Unlike other cacti that do well in direct sunlight, the Christmas cactus prefers filtered sunlight. 

 Most people think of the cactus as a tall, spiky, barrel-shaped desert plant. But many fascinating, beautiful, and low-maintenance varieties make great additions to your home. Some have beautiful flowers and even produce fruits as well. If you’re thinking of adding cacti to your home plant collection, ask a Henderson florist for recommendations.

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