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Four Tips For Homemade Floral Arrangements

Whether you have a creative mind, prefer individual flowers, or simply want to show off flowers from your garden, there are many advantages to making floral arrangements at home. These four tips will give you top-notch floral arrangements. 

Find a Balance 

 When you’re creating a centerpiece display, finding the right balance is essential for creating a visually appealing arrangement. An arrangement that emphasizes balance will be more visually intriguing than one that does not. Some people focus primarily on symmetry when creating an arrangement. However, no two flowers (even of the same kind) are precisely the same color and size. Ultimately, a visually balanced arrangement looks better. 

Shades of…Blue? 

 There are many colors available in the world for creating a stunning, eye-catching display. When creating floral centerpieces, it is easy to focus too much on one color or a narrow palette of shades. If you do want to focus on one color, try creating a floral bouquet with varying textures for visual appeal. Otherwise, choose a series of distinctive colors for an eye-catching arrangement. You can also add variety to the color scheme by creating a mix of vivid and softer tones like bright pink or red and white. Adding stems and greenery to the display creates a more earthen and subdued bouquet. 

Size Matters 

 At some point, you’ve probably noticed your potted plants tilting towards a sunny window. The same thing can happen in bouquets, too! All flowers in floral centerpieces want sunlight, which means that the tallest flowers will out-compete the other smaller flowers for light exposure. Buds also compete for sunlight as they emerge. When using buds in an arrangement, add the smaller and less mature buds to the arrangement last. Larger and heavier buds should be added first. Buds that are already blooming and transforming into flowers should be added last, as they will be the first to drop. 

Fine-Tune the Watering 

 As with plants, flowers in an arrangement are sensitive to water. They should never be drenched with water, but they shouldn’t be allowed to dry out, either — the type of flowers that you have in your bouquet matter, too. Tulip, peony, anemone, and ranunculus bulbs will last much longer if you put them in one or two inches of water. Giving bulbs too much water too soon will make them rot or fall to pieces. 

 Creating your own floral arrangements is a great way to show off your artistic skills. It is also a nice way to showcase your favorite flowers or prime flowers of the season. If you have questions or need advice for putting together a perfect arrangement, don’t hesitate to contact a Henderson florist for expert assistance.

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