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Four Unique Ways to Integrate Roses into Your Wedding

Whether roses are the epitome of the wedding flower for you or so hum-drum and boring that they don’t even make your first cut of choices, this beautiful bloom deserves a second glance when selecting wedding flowers Las Vegas. The stereotypical red rose pictured in love scene is far from the only game in town. Once you dive into details of this flower, you will find roses in solid and bicolor shades as well as striped and tipped variations. Roughly 3,000 rose varieties are available throughout the year. Some are scented while others are not. The most common wedding varieties are garden roses, hybrid tea roses, and spray roses. Here are some ideas on how to integrate these beautiful flowers into your big day:

The Bouquet

Obviously a centerpiece, the bridal bouquet will be admired throughout the ceremony and the reception as well as play a leading role in pictures. Your Las Vegas florist can find unique and beautiful arrangements for a wedding rose bouquet, which may include other highlight flowers. Whether you want a cascading, hand-tied or round design, roses will be sure to please.

The Centerpieces 

If you’re planning a reception, rose-themed centerpieces will tie so many aspects of your wedding day together. Scattered throughout your venue, rose centerpieces can be subtle or splashy. From an Oriental style to a western style to a modern style, talk with your florist about shapes, designs and lines when it comes to the actual arrangement.

The Boutonnieres and Corsages 

All the most important people in your wedding will be donning your chosen flower as well, and roses are extremely flexible choices when it comes to these items. The design of boutonnieres and corsages has become quite an art these days, incorporating different pins and themed designs. Your florist can help you pick out the perfect rose variety as well as the supporting greenery to suit your particular taste.

The Accents 

Not only can you depend on the rose itself to accent everything from the entryway to the seat rows to the reception decor, but you can incorporate rose-related themes in the details as well. Select rose-colored stationery or designs for your invitations, programs and place cards. Incorporate roses into your guest favors with images, rose-colored ribbons, or rose-themed wrapping.

The bottom line is that roses are incredibly unique, flexible, available and beautiful. Many varieties can be affordable as well. It’s no wonder that roses are associated with love, romance and beauty for all of life’s occasions. If it’s your flower of choice, the sky’s the limit in terms of what creative colors, shapes and designs can be created. If you had disregarded the rose in the beginning, this lovely flower may deserve a second look.

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