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Roses: The World’s Most Romantic Flower

You may have guessed it already, but the numbers are proof – roses are the world’s most romantic flower! Roses alone account for 35% of the nation’s annual cut flower sales. Over 250 million roses are sold on Valentine’s Day alone. There are over 100 kinds of roses grown around the world. Although they vary slightly in color and meaning, roses generally symbolize either love or sorrow. If you’re planning to get roses for that special someone or a specific occasion, be sure to ask a florist for recommendations. 

Miniature Roses 

 Some flowers are big and showy. But miniature roses have the opposite effect. Small, dainty, and elegant, they are an excellent choice for a picturesque bouquet or even a tiny houseplant. Miniature roses reach 30 inches tall at most, making them a great addition to an indoor living area or even an outside garden. 

Red Roses 

 Of all rose varieties, red roses are the most well-known and popular kind. They are the epitome of saying “I love you” and traditionally symbolize love and romance. Roses with an unusually deep rich red color also signify beauty. 

Pink Roses 

 Cheery pink roses are an especially great gift option for a blossoming romance. They symbolize gracefulness, happiness, and admiration. Pink roses are a symbol of sweetness and joy, as well. Along with romance, they’re ideal for honoring happy events like a birth or anniversary, too. 

Yellow Roses 

 These flowers also symbolize happiness and cheer. They honor loyalty and warm feelings, as well. Yellow roses are especially popular for expressing a cherished friendship or the joy another individual brings to your life. 

White Roses 

 Even though their color is more subdued, white roses are just as charming and captivating as red roses. White roses are a symbol of hope, charm, and purity. They are an ideal flower to give at a wedding. White roses also symbolize new beginnings. They are also an expression of remembrance and commonly used in funerals. 

Lavender Roses 

 Lavender roses are less common than red and pink roses. However, they are just as effective for saying, “I love you.” Lavender traditionally has a calming and soothing effect. It is an excellent reminder to live in the moment. Handing a spouse or partner lavender roses is a unique way to indicate your love daily and show interest in growing a relationship. 

Salmon Roses 

 Las Vegas is a unique place. Therefore, what could be more fitting than presenting your loved one with unique roses? Of the flowers Las Vegas available, salmon roses are one of the more exotic and unusual varieties. Salmon-colored roses are just as eye-catching as orange roses, but their pink undertones give them a slightly more subtle hue. When presented to a loved one, they show excitement, desire, and enthusiasm. 

Cream Roses 

 Cream-colored roses are another intriguing option. They have a rich, velvety hue that lies somewhere between white and pink. Cream roses are a symbol of thoughtfulness and charm. They can be paired with pink roses as a way to say “thank you” to someone special. 

Green Roses 

 The rose family virtually covers the colors of the rainbow and more. Green symbolizes energy and life. It is one of the most common and versatile of all flower colors, which makes it a great choice for roses, too. Green roses symbolize cheerfulness and a rejuvenated spirit. When used as a romantic flower, they indicate a passion for a relationship and a desire to bring new life into the relationship. 

 Now that you know what different roses say, remember the magic numbers. One rose says, “thank you,” while six roses represent deep love. Eleven roses show admiration for a recipient and 13 roses indicate a secret admiration. If you need help selecting the right roses, a local florist will gladly help.

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