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The Four Best Flowers for Fall Weddings

Spring might be the season most associated with flowers, but autumn brings a palette of impressive color choices for wedding flowers, too. Every wedding brings the opportunity for an individualized touch when it comes to choosing flowers. While it’s essential to take the couple’s personalities and preferences into consideration, it is also important to take seasonal colors into account. In autumn, there are many colorful flowers available to create a stunning, seasonally appropriate bouquet. These four flowers Las Vegas are standout choices.

Asiatic Lily

 Asiatic lilies are one of two kinds of garden lily. The other is the Oriental lily. Asiatic lilies look delicate with their large, intricate, showy flowers. However, they are quite low-maintenance, provided they have well-drained soil. These lilies bloom from summer through fall. Their flowers cover the gamut of autumn hues from creamy white to bold orange. No matter what color they come in, this lily’s flowers are bright, vivid, and sure to attract attention.


 Dahlia flowers bloom from late summer through the fall, so they should be locally available at a Henderson florist in time for a fall wedding. Dahlias are among the most ornate and beautiful flowers that you can select for a bouquet. Native to Mexico, they are a tuberous species that have intricate tiered petals and a distinctive fluffy shape. Dahlias come in many colors, including striking shades of red and bright yellow. You can incorporate a stem or two of Dahlia into an autumn wedding bouquet or create an eye-catching arrangement of Dahlias alone.

Orange Gerbera

 Orange gerbera is a type of gerbera daisy. Gerbera flowers are cheerful, long-lasting, and a perfect choice of color for a fall wedding bouquet. Gerbera flowers come in clusters of three to four-inch blooms. Be sure to ask a Henderson florist if there’s a specific shade you want, as there are many shades of orange available! While orange Gerbera flowers are especially well-suited for fall, you can incorporate Gerbera flowers in shades of red, yellow, and white as well.


 A wedding bouquet would not be truly complete without roses. After all, roses are the ultimate symbol of romance around the world. Roses are among the hardiest of all flowers that you can add to a wedding bouquet. In addition to looking and smelling spectacular, their flowers will also last a while. Roses come in many colors, which means you can use them in any season. But for a fall wedding, classic red or peach-colored roses are a good option.  Fall brings many exciting opportunities to showcase some of the most magnificent and meaningful late-blooming flowers. From bold reds to orange and softer peach shades, these four flowers bring color, joy, and cheer to any wedding ceremony. If you need help selecting flowers for a bouquet, don’t hesitate to contact a florist for advice.

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